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4/16/13 3:29:47AM
Mills 2TKO (punches)
Friere 2sub (RNC)
Bezerra UD
McGregor 1TKO (punches)
Cruz 2sub (triangle)
Swanson 1KO (head kick)
Musoke SD
Parlo 1KO (punch)
Menigoz UD
4/16/13 3:53:56PM
3. jjeans

Sprawl and Brawl Entertainment, presents
Showdown Fighting Events: SFE 52 - Kimbo Slayer
Kimbo Slayer vs JUDO

Main & Co-Main:
Light Heavyweight Championship: Seth Petruzelli vs Michael Kuiper
Alessio Sakara vs Sam Alvey*

Main Card:
Court McGee vs Joe Riggs*
Bristol Marunde vs Matt Riddle^
Sam Stout vs Robert Emerson+

Houston Alexander vs Robert McDaniel^
Edson Barboza vs Artiom Damkovsky+
Diego Brandao vs Anthony Avila^

*4 Man Tournament - MW Semi Finals
+4 Man Tournament - LW Semi Finals
^ Matchups are Number 1 Contender fights (LHW, WW, FW)



Cost of Card

4/16/13 4:01:44PM
1. Kuiper rd2 tko punches
2. Sakara rd1 ko punch
3. McGee UD
4. Riddle rd1 tko gnp punches
5. Stout UD
6. Alexander rd1 ko punches
7. Barboza rd1 ko spinning wheel kick
8. Brandao rd1 sub armbar off his back
4/16/13 4:21:24PM
1. Kuiper 2nd round TKO (punches)
2. Sakara UD
3. McGee 3rd round SUB (guillotine choke)
4. Riddle UD
5. Stout UD
6. Alexander 1st round KO (knee)
7. Barboza 2nd round TKO (leg kicks)
8. Brandao 1st round TKO (punches)
4/16/13 5:12:32PM
Kuiper rd 2 tko punches
Sakara UD
McGee UD
Riddle UD
Stout rd 2 tko punches
Alexander UD
Barboza rd 1 tko punches and head kick
Brandao rd 1 tko punches
4/16/13 6:19:23PM
Kuiper R2 TKO (GNP)
Sakara R3 ko (punch)
McGee UD
Riddle UD
Stout SD
Alexander R1 ko (punch)
Barboza R1 ko (head kick)
Brandao R1 ko (punch)
4/16/13 6:22:28PM
1. Kuiper- UD
2. Sakara- RD1 TKO (Punches)
3. McGee- RD2 SUB (Guillotine)
4. Riddle- UD
5. Stout- UD
6. Alexander- RD1 TKO (Punches)
7. Barboza- RD1 TKO (Head Kick and Punches)
8. Brandao- RD1 SUB (Armbar)
4/16/13 7:23:44PM
Kuiper Rnd 1 TKO (Punches)
Sakara Rnd 1 TKO (Headkick & Puches)
McGee UD
Riddle UD
Stout UD
Alexander Rnd 2 TKO (Punches)
Barboza Rnd 1 KO (Headkick)
Brandao Rnd 1 KO (Punches)
4/16/13 7:42:28PM
Kuiper 1TKO (punches)
Sakara UD
McGee 1SUB (guillotine choke)
Riddle 3TKO (punches)
Stout SD
Alexander UD
Barboza 1KO (head kick)
Brandao 1KO (punch)
4/16/13 10:37:01PM
Kuiper UD
Sakara 1st round TKO (elbows)
McGee UD
Riddle UD
Sam Stout UD
Houston Alexander 2nd round TKO (punches)
Edson Barboza 3rd round TKO (leg kicks)
Diego Brandao 1st round sub (armbar)
4/17/13 12:56:58AM
1. Kuiper 2 TKO (Punches)
2. Sakara UD
3. McGee 3 TKO (Elbows)
4. Riddle UD
5. Stout UD
6. McDaniel 1 SUB (Arm-Triangle)
7. Barboza 2 KO (head kick)
8. Brandao 1 SUB (armbar)
4/17/13 8:20:44PM
Kuiper UD
Sakara SD
McGee R2 TKO (punches)
Riddle UD
Stout SD

McDaniel SD
Barboza R2 TKO (leg kicks followed by gnp)
Brandao R1 KO (right hook)
4/18/13 5:08:20AM
4. Jae_1833

Fight Mulisha: Bravo
As we return to Fight Mulisha we see a battle of previous winners and new acquisitions that has all the fighters shooting for a chance to make a name for themselves in preparation for the Championship Tournaments that are sure to come later this month.
HW: Andreas Kraniotakes vs Jake O'Brien
LHW: previous fotn winner Jake Rosholt vs Anthony Ruiz
MW: Last chance for Eric Schambari vs Brian Rogers
WW: previous kotn winner an LW competitor Joe Ellenberger vs Marcelo Alfaya
LW: Satoru Kitaoka vs previous sotn winner and bw competitor Scotty Heckmen
BW: Jeff Houghland vs Jason Sampson
LW: a battle to avoid pink slips Katsunori Kikuno vs previous FW competitor Donald Sanchez
Brought to your boob tube for your high adrenaline needs and sponsored by those who move towards the sounds of chaos!



Cost of Card

4/18/13 5:22:39AM
1. O'Brien UD
2. Rosholt rd1 sub arm triangle choke
3. Rogers rd2 ko head kick
4. Ellenberger UD
5. Kitaoka rd2 sub achilles lock
6. Sampson UD
7. Kikuno rd1 ko punch
4/18/13 7:24:38AM
Kraniotakes UD
Rosholt UD
Rogers 2nd TKO Punches
Ellenberger UD
Kitaoka UD
Hougland 1st TKO Knees to the body and punches
Kikuno 2nd KO Punch
4/18/13 8:20:13AM
Obrien UD
Rosholt UD
Rogers rd 1 tko punches
Ellenberger UD
Kitsoka rd 2 sub RNC
Houghland UD
Kikuno rd 2 tko punches
4/18/13 9:17:06AM
Jake O'Brien UD
Rosholt 2nd round sub (rnc)
Brian Rogers 1st round KO (flying knee)
Ellenberger UD
Kitaoka 2nd round sub (achilles lock)
Houghland UD
Kikuno 1st round TKO (punches)

side note, how does one win by KO via palm strike?
4/18/13 3:18:50PM
1. O'Brien- SD
2. Rosholt- RD2 SUB (Arm Triangle)
3. Rogers- RD1 TKO (Punches)
4. Ellenberger- UD
5. Kitaoka- RD2 SUB (Heel Hook)
6. Sampson- UD
7. Kikuno- UD
4/18/13 5:03:20PM

Kraniotakes SD
Rosholt R2 SUB (rnc)
Rogers R1 TKO (gnp punches)
Ellenberger UD
Kitaoka R1 SUB (heel hook)

Houghland UD
Kikuno R2 TKO (punches)
4/18/13 8:17:16PM
1. O'Brien UD
2. Rosholt 1st round SUB (guillotine choke)
3. Rogers 1st round KO (head kick)
4. Ellenberger 2nd round TKO (punches)
5. Heckman SD
6. Sampson 3rd round SUB (rear naked choke)
7. Kikuno UD
4/18/13 10:48:40PM
1. O'Brien SD
2. Rosholt UD
3. Rogers 1 KO (punch flurry against cage)
4. Ellenberger UD
5. Heckman 2 SUB (RNC)
6. Sampson 3 SUB (Arm Triangle)
7. Kikuno UD
4/19/13 1:55:53AM
O'Brien UD
Ruiz Rnd 2 TKO (Punches)
Rogers Rnd 1 KO (Flying Knee)
Ellenberger Rnd 1 TKO (Punches)
Kitaoka Rnd 1 Sub (Achilles Lock)
Hougland UD
Kikuno UD
4/19/13 2:08:04AM
O'Brien UD
Rosholt 2Sub (Arm-Triangle Choke)
Rogers 1KO (Punch)
Ellenberger SD
Heckman UD
Hougland UD
Kikuno UD
4/19/13 5:53:50AM

Posted by Bubbles

side note, how does one win by KO via palm strike?

I saw that too and at first I had the same reaction... But then "El Guapo baby"
4/19/13 12:31:48PM
Your either a bad mofo, or your opponent is a real wuss!
4/19/13 1:06:10PM
5. ofgo

Ultimate Warfare Fighting 2 (UWF2)

Main Event

Geronimo dos Santos (0-0) vs Robert Drysdale (1-0)

Co Main Event

Lloyd Woodard (0-0) vs Marcin Held (1-0)

Main Card

Andreas Spang (0-0) vs Lyle Beerbohm (1-0)

Nathan Coy (0-1) vs Buddy Roberts (0-0)

Matt Grice (0-0) vs Rodrigo Damm (0-1)


Brett Murphy (0-0) vs Derrick Lewis (0-1)

Matheus Nicolau Pereora (0-0) vs Rey Docyogen (1-0)

Raul Amaya (0-0) vs John Philips (0-0)

Estevan Payan (0-0) vs Niklas Backstrom (1-0)

Hidenobu Izena (0-0) vs Ricky Calatayud (0-1)



Cost of Card

4/19/13 1:21:23PM
1. Santos rd1 ko punches
2. Woodard UD
3. Spang rd2 tko punches
4. Coy rd2 tko gnp punches
5. Grice UD
6. Lewis rd2 tko punches
7. Docyogen UD
8. Amaya rd2 sub rnc
9. Payan rd2 tko punches
10. Izena rd1 sub keylock
4/19/13 4:35:11PM
1. Drysdale 1st round SUB (armbar)
2. Held UD
3. Beerbohm 2nd round SUB (rear naked choke)
4. Coy UD
5. Grice UD
6. Lewis 1st round KO (punches)
7. Pereora SD
8. Amaya 2nd round TKO (punches)
9. Payan UD
10. Calatayud 3rd round TKO (punches)
4/19/13 5:56:22PM
Drysdale 2nd round sub (leg lock)
Held UD
Lyle Beerbohm 2nd round sub (triangle)
Buddy Roberts UD
Matt Grice UD
Lewis 1st round TKO (punches)
Docyogen UD
Raul Amaya 1st round sub (rnc)
Payan UD
Calatayud 1st round sub (rnc)
4/19/13 6:05:43PM
1. Drysdale- RD2 SUB (Triangle/Armbar)
2. Held- UD
3. Beerbohm- UD
4. Roberts- SD
5. Grice- RD2 TKO (Punches)
6. Lewis- RD1 TKO (Punches)
7. Docyogen- UD
8. Amaya- RD3 TKO (Elbows and Punches)
9. Payan- UD
10. Calatayud- SD
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