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1/5/09 7:54:35PM
i was thinking that the one thing that boxing has that mma does not have is that in boxing the truly better fighter wins. i hate to call them lucky punches but for lack of a better term, some fighters land a lucky punch and win,
(serra vs GSP 1) when they are truly are not the better fighter. and i know they want knockouts and i like them too but could they up the weight of the gloves to help so one person can not land one lucky shot and end the fight? just to help ensure that the likelyhood of the better fighter wins. maybe find a good weight inbetween that will still keep knockouts but keep from "lucky" punches ending a fight?

just thought this would make for a decent discussion.
1/5/09 8:00:05PM
The gloves are small for grappling.

Besides, how can you call an aimed punch knocking someone out lucky. It doesn't matter if they were and underdog or not or that the person would beat them (much) more often than not (Serra vs. St. Pierre example used). The fact of the matter is that everyone has a puncher's chance in MMA and that's one of the things that makes it exciting.
1/5/09 8:02:41PM

Posted by MMA_Alex

The gloves are small for grappling.

i agree. it would lead to decisions more often due to lack of a knockout and failed submissions. It would almost make it imposssible to hold onto an arm or a leg. not a good idea though i understand what the TS was talking about and in theory it sounds good but i just don't think it would work.
1/5/09 8:04:45PM
No offense, but I really don't like the ida. Even the current gloves make submissions more difficult, so I don't like the idea of handicapping the grappling aspect any more than needed. Secondly, MMA gloves are more intended to protect the hands rather than the opponent. Regardless of what size gloves you put on a fighter, there are always kicks, knees, and elbows to put someone out, so it won't necessarily lessen the likelihood of a most, it would cause people to alter their strategy.
1/5/09 8:19:58PM
I'm strongly against this, my main reason being put yourself in some1s guard they wrap there arm around your so you glove/wrist is in there armpit, clinch their arm closed and your NEVER getting you hand back until they decide, and i can see guys doing this because hey bigger gloves i cant sub you so ima hold on, hell if the human hand was stronger and didnt break often, i'd be calling for smaller gloves or just wraps
1/5/09 8:25:59PM
I think it is a good point!!! It was interesting watching UFC92 and thinking that so many of the fights didnt go past the first round. I also felt sorry for Forest, I though he won the first two rounds, Rashard even said so on Sherdog Radio, then he hit Forest, rocked him then jumped on him and it was all over. I know they will not want to change the gloves for the reasons stated above, but it is a very interesting sport where a huge underdog in every fight still has a punchers chance.

1/5/09 9:06:25PM
I think the gloves are fine. What size gloves could you possibly use without losing grappling ability more than it already is? I mean 4oz alne allows a mid level journeyman fighter at best to stop a RNC for like 3 mins against Marcelo Garcia. y? 2-on-1.....

Anything bigger will only stop more and more submissions and make armbars and kimuras like 100% moves....

As for the subject of one hit KO's...

One hit KO's are anything but lucky. In my current physical shape (or lack thereof) if GSp gave me the exact punch at the at same angle i think i could hit him 100 times and not knock him out like Matt Sera did.

Could i hit him behind the ear and make him lose his balance the same as Serra did? yes i do, hitting behind the ear is really hard not to lose ur balance so i think i could do that.

But what i could not do, is keep pressing a fighter as good as GSP and hit him with ANOTHER big punch, send him to the ground and attack so fast and hard GSP taps

Alot of people are quick to forget that GSP did not get hit by one good punch from Matt Serra, he took ALOT!!!!!!

Do i even think that given the same first set up punch that fighters like Paul Taylor/David Biekeldin (sp?)/ or even Matt Hughes would have finished GSP?

Not a chance.

That was a very small opening that only a good striker or Maia-like submission fighter to expose that hole. Or a guy with really heavy hands per se like Serra.

I hate Serra with a passion and called that fight lucky 4ever but once the wounds healed I got to admit that was a perfect finish by Serra. He stuck on GSP like a pitbull, gave him no room to breathe, and got the belt.

If he hadn't got GSP behind the ear i think the fight would have been diff but thats the risk u take when u lower ur head like GSP did. Had GSP had been standing straight up at that moment Serra would have hit his shoulder or side of the head at best. GSP made a mistake and Serra pounced on it.
1/5/09 9:10:25PM
IMHO, there is no such thing as a "lucky punch." the only scenario where a punch would be lucky would be if someone was randomly flailing their arms at their opponent and their opponent somehow tripped on the mat and fell into the guys fist and got knocked out. if someone gets knocked out, its because they let their opponent do it to them. so no, i do not think their needs to be bigger gloves.

also, the whole thing about handicapping the grappling aspect was a good point too
1/5/09 10:30:44PM
The TS tries to use the size of the gloves as an argument against ko's??? ignores the idea of grappling and doesn't give a good reason for the bigger gloves, unless he just likes K1 better.
1/6/09 12:15:05AM
Serra did not get lucky at any point in the first fight. End of discussion. He was fighting even or better on the standup, rewatch it.

GSP was dontent to feel him out but could not land straight punches or kicks. Then boom. Back of the head, yes, but boom.

Don't talk shit like that. GSP made the wrong move and got knocked out. It was the 1 in ten fight.
1/6/09 12:30:59AM
The chance of surprise KO's only make the sport more exciting. Keep it the way they are for many reasons
1/6/09 3:23:15AM
Well the better fighter doesn't always win in boxing either. Every sport has a luck factor its just a part of it.
1/6/09 7:56:12AM
fine how they are
1/7/09 7:34:10PM
The gloves now already restrict grappling enough. It would totally undermine Jui Jitsu and grappling as a whole.
1/7/09 7:41:49PM
Bigger gloves make a fighter be able to take more sustained head trauma. This is MMA's biggest argument against Boxing for getting legalized everywhere. Bigger gloves just mean you can take more damage, and we'll start seeing MMA fighters have more permanent head injuries. I'm against it aside from all of the grappling reasons already listed.
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