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2/3/09 8:37:18PM
I wrestle at 160 lb.. for high school. Unfortunately I doubt my body can take being at this weight for another year. I need to get bigger faster and stronger. I have a basic lifting plan for it all to get taken care of. My best friend is also a powerlifter. My main question is does anybody have any suggestion for supplements. Yes bigger is better. I'd like to gain between 5-15 lb. of muscle. I look pretty damn scrawny now and I lost most of my definition. If you need any details I'll be sure to give them. Help me, help you, help me. Included are some picture of my wrestling to show what I pretty much look like now. Before and After

Picture 1: Before, some definition and I had a decent amount of muscle. probably weighing about 168 here

Picture 2: About the same weight, no I don't know what I was looking at, is it important?

Picture 3: That'd be me in the Blue and White. Scrawny now eh?

Picture 4: Yes I won, not important. Thats basically what I look like now.

Anyway It's too scrawny, and I need to get bigger and stronger. I've had a successful year but especially if I want to get into MMA I need more muscle. So what do you guys recommend for a supplement
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2/6/09 7:49:37PM
first off the best thing to do is eat properly.. 2 is work out your body will find its ideal.. you want more mass, eat a bit more protein and work out a bit harder. meaning a bit more weight in general... yea that is real basic but we have already done this thread dozens of times already. read the forums you will find a ton of answers.
2/6/09 10:41:23PM
Google "Cytogainer". It tastes great, and its PACKED with protein and carbs so when taken along with heavy lifting, you gain lotsss of muscle mass.
2/19/09 9:14:44PM

Posted by RiseUp21

Google "Cytogainer". It tastes great, and its PACKED with protein and carbs so when taken along with heavy lifting, you gain lotsss of muscle mass.

Ive heard great things about Cytogainer.
2/21/09 9:36:27PM
<-- not a fan of supplements

eat fresh eggs (grade AA if you can)
drink milk instead of protein shakes.

eat CARBS (with protein in a 4-1 ratio to aid in the digestion of protein)

dont pack a lot of protein in at one time, eat steady amounts of FRESH protein throughout the day (meat, milk, eggs, NOT powders, protein bars, whatnot, they have their place and it is definitely behind fresh protein.)

15 -25 grams of protein every 3 hours. with carbs, will put your size on. with working out. drink whey protein, with carbs after working out (milk or chocolate milk is even better) and if you can stomach it buy casein protein to drink at night before you go to sleep (it takes a long time to digest, so it works good over night).
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