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3/3/07 3:57:22PM
threr are 4 big time fighters 5 counting randy on this card. does anyone see tim, matt, rich, or babalu losing tonite? if not who would be most likely to be upset in tonites event?
i believe they will all win but if i have to pick an upset im going with rich losing to the athelete.
3/3/07 3:58:27PM
most likley upset is franklin
3/3/07 4:01:16PM
babalu losin
3/3/07 4:03:12PM
I don't see any of the upsets happening. I'll take Randy if one is going to happen.
3/3/07 4:04:53PM
I'm gonna go with Babalu out of these. I dont think its gonna happen though
3/3/07 4:11:21PM
Randy is gona upset Tim I think. Other then that I don't think so.
3/3/07 4:20:54PM
Well, if you are talking about the BIG upsets, let me break it down. This is what I think the odds are:

Sylvia vs. Couture - Instead of shooting for the takedown, Couture likes working in the clinch for his takedowns. This is different from the other grappler's that Sylvia has faced recently, and it also neutralizes his reach advantage. On paper, Tim should obliterate Couture, but we can't count out Captain America to pull off the upset. Who can forget how he beat down the Iceman and spanked Ortiz to become the undisputed light heavyweight champion?

Probability of upset: ~35%

Hughes vs. Lytle - This is a very unlikely upset. Hughes is hungry and determined to get his belt back and Lytle is standing in his way. He has decided to go back to where he is comfortable, working the ground game, instead of trying out new things. Look for Matt to slam Lytle to the ground and work on some gnp or submission victory.

Probability of upset: ~10%

Franklin vs. MacDonald - Now on paper, Franklin should destroy MacDonald, but there are some intangibles here that could sway the outcome of the fight. Franklin had just came off a devastating loss to Silva which may have effected his mentality for this upcoming fight. There is a lot of pressure for Franklin to get this win so he can get a rematch against Silva for the belt. MacDonald is coming off another upset win against Chris Leben and is currently on a 6-win streak and is looking to take an advantage of Franklin's inactivity and latest loss by beating him to put him on the map.

Probability of upset: ~25%

Other fights::

For some reason, I am thinking that Jon Fitch and Matt Hamill will get upset. Luigi is a tough fighter and he could very well beat Fitch. Hopefully, this fight will be as exciting as the Tyson vs. Edgar fight!

Also Rex Holman is a strong wrestler who is probably more well-rounded than Hamill. He could possibly defend the takedowns and keep the fight standing and try to (T)KO Hamill.
3/3/07 4:23:10PM
Franklin is gonna lose
3/3/07 4:49:06PM

Posted by daddio507

Franklin is gonna lose

NO hes not and if i have to pick it would have to be lytle over hughes. even though matt is my boy and my pick to win
3/3/07 8:25:55PM
To think Franklin will be a shadow of his former self and somehow lose to a much lower overall skilled opponent is a bit presumtious imo! He got beat quickly by A.Silva what? Wont mean he cant TKO/KO a huy with pretty much zero standup ability who even Leben should of KO'd!

Although this may still hurt
3/3/07 8:38:37PM

Posted by hippysmacker

I don't see any of the upsets happening. I'll take Randy if one is going to happen.

Nice gif of Franklin... amazing how many people thought he was untouchable.
3/3/07 9:11:52PM
I would have to say that Franklin losing is the easiest call for a upset but I don't think it will happen. If Randy wins its not a huge upset.
3/3/07 10:38:59PM
Of the big guys, maybe Macdonald. Macdonald has sick submissions and has a good clinch. The problem is getting there, but he does have a conceivable way of winning.

Couture might be able to grind out a decision, but that's pretty unlikely.

Other than that I don't see anything happening.
3/3/07 11:02:52PM
im gonna say and hope My boy Jason Macdonald pulls out the upset and defeats Rich Franklin. I see J-mac winning by sub in any round or pulling out a split decision.
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