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2/2/08 11:19:19AM
did you see how shocked and pumped he was, guy was on cloud nine, i was laughing my ass off. maybe this will be extra motivation for time to come out swinging, i sure hope so because if he was aggressive (like he was before the second arlovski fight) the guy really has the tools to be the top heavyweight fighter (except fedor).
2/2/08 11:22:56AM
Love him or hate him, he's got his fans like everyone else. That being said, I think he'll lose to Nog if he can't stay on his feet.
2/2/08 12:48:29PM

Posted by DCRage

Love him or hate him, he's got his fans like everyone else. That being said, I think he'll lose to Nog if he can't stay on his feet.

if nogs get him on his back, or side, or stomache pretty much anywhere near the mat, its over.
2/2/08 1:09:41PM
I think people are neglecting Nog's boxing skills. He is very similar to Randy on his feet imo, doesnt have KO power, but has slick combos, good head movement, good footwork, and good variation and volume. I think I'd actually rate his boxing as better than Randy's, and we all saw how Randy took care of Sylvia in the stand up, frustrated Tim by popping shots in and circling away, letting Tim walk into even more shots, ducked in low to hit up at Tim and took all the sting out of Tim's punches.

Nogueira is better than Randy at subs, and will finish Tim on the ground, but his stand up isnt so bad that Tim will wreck him in the striking exhanges.
2/2/08 1:39:40PM
Yeah Tim looked very happy to have fans in the house. I'm one of the the very few Tim fans I know and I'll be pulling for him tonight. Go Tim!
2/2/08 2:00:36PM
It was nice to see him getting some support for once, its about time imo. For some reason ive always liked him, although i think it might just be becouse i feel sorry for him since everybody else hates him lol. Ill be rooting for him tonight though, i really think nogs gona have big problems taking him down, but at the same time i think tims gona have just as big of a problem knocking nog out. Im expecting a pretty dull decision if im being honest... but ive been wrong before so heres hoping i am again.
2/2/08 2:08:04PM
tim is going to get beat by Nogueira and i hope it does not ruin his rep cause he looked happy like wow i have fans
2/2/08 2:40:17PM
I am not a fan of Tim's but I really feel that he will take this one tonight. I just hope he can win some respect for himself and quit getting boo'd after each of his fights.
2/2/08 8:56:49PM
I was glad to see him finally get a decent amount of cheers.
2/4/08 7:54:34PM
I got to admit i felt bad for Tim the first time in my life. I have never been a fan of his fighting style especially lately. But I thought he was going to win that fight and he was the last bet on my parlay (all my others had hit) so I was rooting for him more based on that fact, but I felt bad when he said "I finally get the crowd cheering for me, and I lose."

I think the back operation seemed to make a serious diffrence in the Vera and Nog fights. Look for him to re-gain some popularity soon. Hopefully he'll start KO'ing people again.
2/5/08 3:24:45PM
funny shit!
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