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11/8/11 12:44:03PM
I want to say a big thankyou to all the MODS, I, like many love this site, and I love the new forum and I especially love my Side Game Guru accolade.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
11/8/11 12:59:54PM
You're welcome, man!

We appreciate all you do to promote forum activity!

11/8/11 2:59:04PM
You deserve it Rabi. You run quite a few games for the entire playground. I don't know how you can manage it but you do. Congratulations.
11/8/11 3:01:03PM
11/8/11 3:01:36PM
Congrats Rabi! You certainly deserve that custom accolade! I love the game genie reference

The side games forum is awesome! I was wondering where the games went, lol. I love that the updates are still coming. The new sidebar for MMA @ Work is great, and all the little features that keep popping up are really helping to bring MMAPlayground 3.0 full circle.
11/8/11 3:59:08PM
I'm glad to see Rabi get hooked up with that accolade. It's one of the cooler ones on the site.

Thanks for running all the side games I have grown to love Rabi.
11/8/11 4:01:59PM
Thanks everyone!
11/8/11 5:20:20PM
If there was ever someone that deserved a custom badge, its you captain
11/8/11 7:20:13PM
Does anyone feel sorry for Shawn? Lord knows how he will feel when he sees this...
11/8/11 9:37:27PM
11/9/11 4:32:50PM
Yeah, bravo Ray. Not only do you deserve this badge, but you deserve a badge called "game genie."

Only the ultimate badass deserves a cool title like that and you, sir, are the ultimate badass.
11/9/11 4:35:19PM
Thanks Josh!
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