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5/17/07 10:32:56AM
3 times is a charm.....ANYTHING can happen in MMA, and since this is big Nog's octagon debut he might have a hard time making the transition to the different rules in the UFC. Just like Cro cop wasnt used to getting banged in the head with elbows which set up the brutal head kick. Sorry you are pissed , but I think this will make for a great heavyweight fight. I would like to see Vera fight also , but I still think Herring vs Nog will be a great fight..
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5/17/07 1:24:53PM
i think big nog will adjust fine to the rules. He adapts well in most situations
5/17/07 2:31:06PM
Nogueira will dominate Herring on the ground and win by convincing unanimous decision.
5/17/07 2:43:08PM
yea, he will outstrike herring on the feet and out grapple him on the ground, soo yea
5/17/07 3:17:44PM
I really wish it was against a UFC name... I was hoping for Nog / Vera... But meh
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