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8/17/07 4:07:38PM
well guys my friend stipe found this on a zagreb newspaper he tranlasted it for me i thought it was interesting he talks about a possible figt with mirko and their first fight

legendary mma fighter Antonio rodrigo nogueira minotaur (30 wins 1 draw 4 losses) came to croatia
to hold some seminars in Zadar.

Q: For mma fans in croatia minotaur is synonym for a match in year 2003 and first defeat of mirko filipovic in PRIDE. Do you remember some of the moments in first and second round?

A: Mirko was very good in first round. As usual he had excellent kicks, his technique was brilliant. But in the second round i've managed to push mirko into "my game", in jiu-jitsu which has turned the match in my advantage. I have finished the match with arm bar and that is my specialty. this victory was for my great success because mirko was in his top form and he didn't lose in PRIDE until that day.

Q: Is there any truth about fighting with mirko at the end of this year?

A: Of course. He's here (UFC), i'm here. Both of us are top fighters, and it is real to expect new match. President of UFC Dana White has shown great desire that mirko and i fight again, so i believe that after 4 years mirko and i will fight again.

Q: About your accident while you were still a boy there are myths and legends. What did really happen?

A: I was 11 years old when that accident happen. While playing with my friends, in one moment, i was standing behind a truck. then driver start to go backwards and i didn't see that so the truck ran me over. My liver was heavily injured, my lungs collapsed, my ribs and my leg were broken. I was in coma for 4 days and i don't have one rib. The doctors said that i must start training something to regenerate my bones and muscles.

Q: So in some way it was a start of your serious martial arts training?

A: I was training judo before my accident, and then i started to swim and learn jiu-jitsu. I think that sport has given me much help to regenerate , and after that everything that happend to me in my life has given me strenght for new challenges that was awaiting me.

Q; How did you get "Minotaur" for a nick name?

A: My friend called me that. It is because of my big heart, my strength and he said that i remind him of mythological Minotaur

Q: What are yours impressions about two seminars that you hold in Zadar?

A: I think that it is a very good thing that there is a lot of your people which are well educated about everything in MMA.I know that MMA is very popular in Croatia. I remember that in all mirkos fights in japan there were a lot of mirkos fans with flags. Much more that my fans with brazil flags. MMA is a relatively new sport in croatia but i can see that people in Croatia are focused on progress and i believe taht your country will give very good fighters in the future. and in this seminars i've seen few guys that are very good.

Q: Do you have any defined fights or some plans for yur next fights?

A: At the moment i'm on my vacation and i'm totally out of form and sice my last match i'm not training serious.
Nevertheless i want to fight for UFC belt as soon as possible, and my main plan is to win UFC as soon as possible.

Q: Is Fedor invincible? Who can beat him?

A: I see only two fighters who can beat him in this moment. It is Mirko and me. Nobody but us. Fedor always has great strategy. He surprised mirko and me with good tactical decisions.

Q: How long will we see you in cages or rings?

A: My wish is that i fight until i'm 36 years old, and that means 4 more years.

Q: Will we see you again in Croatia?

A: Next summer. Maybe i come earlier but i like warm climate. Here is beautiful i swear. This is one of the most beautiful
places in the whole world. Surely i'll come again.

Minotaur Team Croatia will start with work soon.

On initiative of man responsible for organising two Minotaur seminars, Minotaur will open his school in Croatia and Augusto Frota will lead this school. Minotaur will come 2-3 times in a year while Frota and his teammates from his swiss club will come here for 15 days in a month

Enjoy guys
8/17/07 4:21:53PM
great interview, i always been a fan of him beacuse he never gives up, he took some of the worst beatings from bob sapp , mirko, and fedor, but he never gave up and came true the victor ( except with fedor), and i loved his answer when the asked him who can beat fedor "Mirko and me,nobody but us".....
8/17/07 4:36:16PM
lol yeah I thought that was funny. I think he says that because obviously he respects Mirko's stand up but they're both the best in each of their main focus, BJJ and Kick boxing.
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