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9/2/08 1:27:44AM
With all of the speculation surrounding Randy Couture's potential return to the UFC, lost in the shuffle is current interim heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo (Minotauro) Noguiera.

Couture is rumoured to be making a return in November against Brock Lesnar, in the main event at UFC 91. The questions surrounding the situation are coming from all angles.

With the UFC still pronouncing that Couture is their champion even after he resigned and having never stripped him of the title, would a potential fight against Lesnar actually be a title fight? Does Lesnar already deserve a title fight in the UFC? Would this be a non-title fight and if so why?

So many questions and with a variety of angles that the UFC could steer the ship, my fingers point to Nogueira, the man who should be next for Couture if he returns to the UFC.

9/2/08 1:34:12AM
This is really confusing. Dana said that Randy would have to fight Big Nog for the championship, but now Big Nog is fighting Mir and Randy is rumored to be fighting Brock. My question is what happens if either one or even both loses to Mir and Lesnar. Do they still fight or do we get a winner of those two matches squaring off. I dont know
9/2/08 1:36:27AM
Glad this is brought up because it just shows more of the reason why the couture/lesnar fight should not happen. Also the fact that i think lesnar would beat couture.

But how about you have couture face fabricio werdum(instead of feeding him a no-name) or have couture face the winner of big nog vs mir(for the interm title).
9/2/08 1:37:37AM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Glad this is brought up because it just shows more of the reason why the couture/lesnar fight should not happen. Also the fact that i think lesnar would beat couture.

9/2/08 2:49:31AM
well what are they supposed to do about it? Nog and Mir have to fight cuz their the tuf coaches and you cant just take the fight away from mir and give it to randy to unify the titles. I dont think randy should be the champ anyway. he took his ball and went home. IDC if he is captain america. I say let nog and mir fight for the interum title. Randy and brock fight. if randy wins he fights nog/mir winner to unify the titles. But if brock wins (he doesnt become champ) but he goes on to fight the winner or mir/nog and that be the REAL HW title fight. it would be a great way to see the fight anyway if Brock won. It could go in 1 of 2 directions. either A. Build it as the rematch against the only man to beat lesnar (being mir). or B. Build it as UFC Interum HW champ (nog) vs the New Up and Comer Monster Brock lesnar.
9/2/08 3:12:29AM
If Nog beat Mir before Randy came back the title would be officially his, I don't see how Randy can be considered the champ still. He hasn't been officially stripped but it would cause way too much trouble to bring him back as the official champ. If you walk away and refuse to defend you should just be stripped right away. If you're out from an injury that's one thing, but if you simply refuse to defend then your title should be gone as soon as someone gains the interim title.

Randy walked away. Other people shouldn't have to accommodate Randy here, he should be the one inconvenienced by the situation he created, not everyone else. He should be officially stripped and have to win it back, it's clearly the best solution.
9/2/08 3:20:13AM
they're setting up couture to fight lesnar because they're trying to kill off couture. A lot of fans are gonna see couture as over the hill and no longer a serious contender if he loses to someone who's 1-1 in the ufc. I personally dont think thats the case considering the stylistic matchup and the size/talent that lesnar posesses, but its not the first time that the ufc has done this, they did it quite recently with tito ortiz versus machida. I think that tito came into that fight in probably the best health he's been in, in a while and had he been fighting someone else, tito may have showed that he's returned to the dominant state he once enjoyed. Instead of putting him up against someone that could really test him and would put on a great show, they matched him up with a guy who's style would most likely promote a unanimous decision loss because tito couldnt get his hands on the guy. But why create an exciting fight, or a dominant performance for a fighter who is so openly leaving your organization? The goal of that fight was show that tito is no longer the exciting ppv draw that he once was. Compare the hype of his next matchup to the hype of that matchup had he been matched up against someone that he probably could've whooped like the promised rematch with evans? or maybe even someone like jardine?

Now compare the hype for the match of fedor vs randy now, versus the hype after randy gets whooped by lesnar? randy would drop off the top10 if he lost to lesnar, and how much hype can you muster for the number 1 fighting the number who cares anymore?

and whats the risk to the ufc? minimal... if lesnar wins, all goes according to plan and randy retires with a fizzle. If randy wins, lesnar is let off the hook due to inexperience (which is pretty fair all things considered), and randy will probably have to unify the ufc belts before his fedor fight meaning that randy still has to go through another incredibly tough fight in order to maintain the hype for the fedor fight. Minimal risk, maximum gain... a great business decision by the ufc... thats why they're doing it
9/2/08 3:30:42AM
Winner of Nog V Mir, Fights winner of Couture V Lesnar. I dont see aproblem with this, And its getting me hella excited!

Cant believe Lesnar is gonna be champ...............
9/2/08 8:43:11AM

Posted by ufcboss

Winner of Nog V Mir, Fights winner of Couture V Lesnar. I dont see aproblem with this...

I don't see much of a problem with it either... A little early for Brock to get a shot if that's how it plays out, but there's no real standouts in the HW division anyways, except for maybe Werdum and Valasquez (who I think needs time to mature as well)...

Don't know about the rest of the stuff you said though??
9/2/08 10:23:47AM
How can you have Brock win the title from Couture and then have another HW title fight ? What is the point of to champs. They also said that Randy will face Brock then Fedor in 2009. I did not see anything about him fighting Nog or Mir. Plus to have a guy with a career record of 1-1 fighting for the title. Thats like elite xc giving Kimbo a title fight. I know Brock is a beast but come on. How about the other top HW.
9/2/08 11:38:46AM

The best thing would be to announce Randy's return, but for Dana at the same press conference to say that he's been officially stripped of the title. Randy should be cool with this explanation before hand.

If he beats Lesnar then he's the #1 contender.

If Lesnar wins, he is not yet the #1 contender (it would be Werdum).

9/2/08 12:41:54PM
this shows how ****** up that division is

go brock kick ass
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