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12/9/07 4:57:18PM
The greatest ref in MMA history has retired, and I'm really sad to see him go, he is the best ref of all time. It's gunna be weird not hearing that saying "Let's Get It On", in the world of UFC. He has reffed some of the UFC's biggest fights ever, he's been there since day one and it's sad to see him go.
12/9/07 5:20:27PM
It's a sad day in the world of MMA.
12/9/07 5:51:17PM
i'm going to miss you big far the best referee in mma imo.

12/9/07 5:52:34PM
yeah no doubt this sucks
12/9/07 5:53:48PM
No way.... for sure sucks.
12/9/07 7:20:33PM
This is shitty. He's gotta be put in the hall of fame for sure.
12/9/07 7:31:37PM

Posted by Boo_Radley21

This is shitty. He's gotta be put in the hall of fame for sure.

Thats only if the people who make that decision share half a collective brain... if they can't muster that, then i doubt they'll put him in... but if they have half a collective brain, Big John will be put in to the hall immediately like he deserves!
I'm going to miss you big guy... you're the only ref I trust implicitly without even watching the fight. I don't know about all of you, but if Big John stops a fight, the fight needed stopping and the same goes for standing people up, not standing people up, and anything nd everything having to do with cage fighting... You will be missed!
12/9/07 8:00:08PM
very sad day
true legend of this sport, deserves all the credit he gets
12/9/07 8:32:24PM
too bad that he is retiring
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