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12/16/07 9:33:24PM
an interesting article on big john

"It's the lighter weight guys I enjoyed watching more than the heavier guys," he says, adding Canadian welterweight Georges St. Pierre is the best fighter on the planet in his opinion."

12/16/07 9:56:10PM
Sure gonna miss the big guy.
12/16/07 9:56:37PM
I have always had a love for the HW's, ever since I was a tiny little guy watching Tyson kill people I've loved the heavier guys. I can agree that GSP is IMO tied for #1 with Fedor as the BOTP, because they beat the very best guys at their own game IE: Stuffing Hughes and Kos in the wrestling game
12/16/07 11:13:58PM
im fight at 135, and i love to watch the lightersweights fight, not as many KOs but the speed and tech is so good
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