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9/5/07 9:33:45PM
This should be a killer fight. It's on Dec.12th though so we will have to wait awhile for it to happen.
9/5/07 9:39:55PM
Ya this will be a good fight...Faber is a great wreslter, but that might play into Curran's submission game...i'm excited
9/5/07 10:12:17PM
I don't know if Faber can finish Curran. If he wins, I'd say by decision. I can see Curran catching him in a submission, but I'll be taking Faber by decision.
9/6/07 12:35:18AM
I like Faber and after watching Chase Bebee tonight I don't think that Ju-Jitsu will be enough to take any of these champs off of their respective thrones. Curran needs to come in top shape and throw all of the MMA aspect into the fight, he needs to throw in the kitchen sink too. Faber is no slouch!!
9/6/07 12:40:10AM
It's definitely a interesting matchup. I think Faber will hurt and catch him in a submission on the ground.
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