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9/13/07 8:34:22AM
Just my opinion but I think he's a chump, he dosent loose often but he dosnt fight that good of competion. I say this because he's king of the IFL and if thats all they have at this point it dosnt say a whole lot for the level of talent in that org. Just my opinion, does anyone think he would do any good in a ufc or bodog?
9/13/07 9:44:18AM
His style looks real sloppy to me. He seems to have good power though. I wouldn't feed him to the UFC wolves until he improved a bit.
9/13/07 10:20:09AM
I agree, I think he needs beat for the mere fact they say you learn more from your losses than your wins and right now he's just runnin through lesser comp. but I guess no matter how you cut it he's the poster boy for the IFL so he's probably not goin anywhere for a while. Look out for Reese Andy and Big Country I think one of the two or both will have his Number in the future they both seem to be improving at a good rate and want to move on to bigger better things.
9/13/07 12:27:37PM
Right now, the UFC is the top organization, I don't think there's any question about that. However, I think that suggesting that the best of the IFL might be "chumps" is a little silly. Rothwell has blown through everyone the IFL has sent at him, except for Big Country, as you mentioned. The IFL Heavyweight tournament is a pair of de facto title defenses for Big Ben.

I'd certainly like to see Rothwell take a shot at the UFC while he's in his prime, and I'd probably put him in the 3rd tier on his debut, with a decent chance to win. I'd probably pick Rothwell over Sanchez or Hardonk, and I think he could be competitive with guys like Mir, Herring, McCully and O'Brien. He'd be a clear underdog against Vera, Sylvia, Gonzaga, Cro Cop, or Kongo, but not massively so.

If anyone thinks that makes Rothwell a chump, you're not much of an MMA fan, imho.

Some numbers crunching here, if you're interested:

- Rothwell is 26-5. 15 wins by (T)KO, 4 by Submission Hold, 3 by Submission due to strikes, 2 by Submission due to injury. Only 1 win by Decision (a SD over Roy Nelson, as mentioned above).

- He's currently on a 12-match win streak, the last 8 in the IFL, covering a 24-month period. The collective record of those 11 fighters (Rothwell has defeated Krzysztof Soszynski twice during his streak) is 247-87-11 (.740), not counting the wins by Rothwell. However, that number is skewed tremendously by Travis Fulton's ridiculous 179-43-9 record.

- Removing Fulton, Rothwell's last 10 opponents have a collective record of 68-44-2 (.607), not counting the wins by Rothwell. That's not bad, but it's not great, either. It certainly supports the contention that he hasn't been fighting UFC-caliber fighters lately.
9/13/07 12:40:14PM
he's a dominant fighter in an org that host a breeding ground for up and comers and a home for has beens. that holds no weight in the game of mma. he's done nothing but play it safe. in a real org. he couldnt touch the top 20. he loves the props he's gettin and wont venture out of the "minor leagues"
9/13/07 12:44:34PM
he couldnt touch Mir, he's on his way back up. and if he wasnt he still could'nt touch him! superior fighter without doubt
9/13/07 1:59:35PM
i dont know to much about this guy but i think he looks ok
9/13/07 2:11:17PM
champ in the ifl, chump anywhere else
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