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8/31/13 1:21:18PM
Brandon Thatch still feels like he's in a dream after a first-round TKO of Justin Edwards on UFC Fight Night 27's preliminary card, and he's a little hesitant to commit to his next step.

8/31/13 1:22:52PM
Nice win but completely unrealistic.
8/31/13 3:20:50PM
be patient Brandon
8/31/13 3:27:34PM
Ya, Thatch is getting a little ahead of himself. I'm fan of his and I'd like to see the UFC build Brandon up properly. I hate when they toss an up an comer to wolves right away.
8/31/13 3:55:15PM
I dont think this is necessarily the worst matchup in the world. Thatch is 28 years old, older than prospects like McGregor, Gastelum, etc by a few yeras.

I almost like this matchup considering Kampmann is on a two fight losing skid, and his last actual wins usually come by him having to comeback from losing a round of two, rather than being able to win comfortably.

That being said, Thatch is a massive WW, and would like to see somebody test his cardio. Kampmann definitely could, but in terms of a name, Thatch isnt one right now. I think if Thatch dispatches someone like a Court McGee, I dont think a Kampmann fight is far out of his reach.
8/31/13 4:29:14PM
I highly doubt it.
Maybe Amir sandallah if he is lucky
8/31/13 6:40:30PM
Hello Playground! First post. I was very impressed with Brandon Thatch. I think a fight with Cathal Pendred would be a perfect test. Pendred is a guy that will test his cardio without being a massive step up in competition.
9/1/13 4:40:13AM
Doubt this happens, Martin is too high up on the adder and is coming off a oss whie Thatch ust made his UFC debut. I don't thin the match maters woud ris a potentia oss from Martin to Thatch at east at this point in time.
9/1/13 12:46:31PM
Thatch would KO Kampmann in the first. Dude is a beast. Kampmann is chinny vs guys with Thatch's KO ability.