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6/14/07 9:19:06PM
Sorry in advance if this is the wrong forum for this.

Rampage and Tito both train at Big Bear, but I was curious if they train together? I know they used to(a few months ago), and they're really good friends, but do they both run their own camps up there?
6/14/07 9:48:05PM
it's tito's place, rampage brings a few of his guys up there to use the facility but i dont think he's previously brought his whole camp. Now that tito purchased de la hoya's estate/training center he has room for more people and i think rampage will be able to bring his own personal team up there
6/14/07 9:48:21PM
I have my connections to them, Rampage still trains in Big Bear and did for Liddell, but they kinda stay out of eachothers way and train seperately, Tito just has his own camp and trains in HB, Rampage moves all around from No Limits to Legends in LA and occasionally gets some training in with Quest in Temecula.
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