A "Big" Move-McCarthy Retires, Heading To Broadcast Booth

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12/7/07 7:29:55PM
Legendary MMA referee "Big" John McCarthy retired as an official today, ending a 13-year career that began at UFC 2. He will now work as a commentator/broadcaster for The Fight Network, but will continue lending his officiating expertise to the sport.


All the best to Big John, he's going to do an excellent job broadcasting but it won't be the same in UFC without "Let's Get It On!" before a couple fights every event.
12/7/07 8:02:03PM
Good for Big John, I can't wait to see his work on The Fight Network, he'll be missed in the ring in a big way but I think he's right. As MMA gets bigger all these athletic commisions are going to have their own guys. New Jersey was only the beginning, and soon I think we will see a whole new crop of refs just like the new faces we saw in Jersey (who I thought did an excellent job other than being a bit quick to stand fights back up)

Other great news in this article, especially for all of you south of the us up here in Canada is it looks like The Fight Network is planning to aggressively push to get onto cable down there. I feel almost guilty having this channel and you guys not being able to enjoy it too. (K1 World GP is on live in 7 hours!) So write your cable companys and give let em know you want this channel.
12/7/07 10:32:53PM
I would personally rather see big john do commentating for the ufc, like couture was doing when he was retired. None of the other refs, be its lavigne, dean, mazagatti, or whoever else they have even comes close. Dean stood up crocop and gonzaga while gonzaga was doing some serious ground and pound, mazagatti called an almost immediate stoppage to tito/liddel2 in the 3rd just as tito was trying to get up but wouldnt stop him from getting destroyed in the first.. the list really goes on.

The new jersy staff was horrible. They stood the fighters up or took them out of the clinch far too often as a reaction to the crowd. And they stopped the fight of the night due to a cut that was worse in the first round than it was in the second when they did stop it.

We need to clone macarthy a bunch of times and have him ref all the matches
12/7/07 11:05:08PM
You know if Big John would broadcast for the UFC we could still hear his "Let's get it on" catch phrase!
12/8/07 1:07:30PM
They should move Big John into UFC's commentator spot and get rid of Goldie.
12/10/07 12:44:25PM
I'll support BJM whatever he does, we'll lose a damn good official though
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