‘Bevanda Magica': Xyience Bankruptcy Filings Reveal Deep Ties to Zuffa

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1/30/08 1:07:05PM
Xyience has been a ubiquitous presence during the UFC breakout that began in 2005. Whether in the center of the Octagon, on fighter's trunks, in television commercials or on cans during post-fight interviews, the supplement maker was everywhere the UFC went.
1/30/08 1:41:13PM
I heard that it's extreme science
1/30/08 2:15:34PM
Pay those damn fighters, i'd be knockin down doors, if someone owed me 36K!
1/30/08 3:03:17PM

In fact, documents reveal that Xyience's third largest shareholder is closely tied to Zuffa and the UFC.

According to a shareholder list filed in court, 5,166,667 shares (7.9 percent of shares outstanding, which constitutes 10.1 percent of voting shares) of Xyience stock are issued to "Bevanda Magica (UFC)." An Italian phrase that translates to "magic drink," Bevanda Magica is listed at 2960 W. Sahara Avenue Suite 200 in Las Vegas. Zuffa's corporate headquarters, along with several subsidiaries, is variously listed in filings with the Nevada secretary of state's office as 2960 West Sahara Avenue Suite 200 or Suite 100.

Requests for comment from Zuffa LLC went unanswered.

Also named on the shareholder list are Zuffa Chief Financial Officer John Mulkey, who holds 50,000 shares of Xyience, and resident agent John Hertig, who holds 25,000.

Xyience's single largest creditor is Zyen, a company controlled by Fertitta Enterprises that is listed at the same address as Bevanda Magica (UFC), according to filings with the Nevada secretary of state's office.

Something smells funny. Why did Zuffa (or it's shells) own so much of Xyience? I know that they partially paid for sponsorship with stocks instead of cash, but why would so many shares be under another Zuffa-linked name instead of just Zuffa? And yet abother Zuffa company was a creditor? WTF? Sounds like a shell game to me.
1/31/08 3:28:20AM
i fight promotion to own shares in a product that 80% (im guessing) of fighters in that promotion use. In Sherk's steroid case, it was said to be in his supplements which was a Xyience product SENT TO HIM

somethings up.
1/31/08 4:14:40AM
Xyience learned a lesson that instructors have known for the last three or four years. 99% of UFC fans don't train MMA. Marketing a product only useful to someone who trains is kind of pointless. At least MMA fans drink Mickeys.
1/31/08 7:37:27PM
And even that stuff tastes like absolute crap