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POLL: Do you bet on online betting lines for mma events?
Yes 18% (3)
No 35% (6)
Yes but i always lose 0% (0)
No it is rigged 0% (0)
No i am a crack whore 12% (2)
can barely afford the ppvs, nevermind betting on them 35% (6)
1/4/08 6:53:06PM
Just noticed this site in the bet real money section of the fantasy wagers. Anyone here know anything about this site, if its a legitimate betting site? How it works? and if odds are the same as they are on here and shit. Also what are some sites u can reccomend for that purpose?
1/4/08 10:20:53PM
i recommend betting on the patriots instead of mma
1/5/08 1:05:40PM
bet on the Patriots not winning the superbowl.

I have used for some time now. The odds are not the same as in this board nor do they offer full cards all the time. It is a good site to use, but when you do want to get your money, it will cost you $50.00 as they are oversees and they have to mail you certified checks. I have betus on my MMA site. If you sign up through this site, you will get a bonus, which is used in free play money that you can only use in straight bets on a close line. I mainly use betus for my college football betting and some NFL... i played around with their MMA system, but truthfully, it is hard to win good money without risking big money, your best bet is to play parlay's and bet on upsets. I dont recomend anyone getting into their casino games. All interent casino games are built to allow you to win small and loose big. It will happen just a matter of time.

I wont get into the affliate part, but betus goes along ways to keep affliate sites interested.
1/5/08 10:51:29PM
Can't afford it, but I use their lines as a reference for my bets here.
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