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3/2/07 5:26:21PM
Hey Y'all, Damon D here from
Here are a few tips on how the lines work in MMA fighting.

Those + and - numbers you see next to a fight is called the Money Line.

Its all based on $100.

If a fighter is a FAVORITE, they will have a minus (-) line.
For instance, in UFC 68, Tim Sylvia is a -350 Favorite. That means, in order for you to WIN $100, you must wager $350. So if you bet $350 on Tim Sylvia to WIN, your total Payout would be $450.

Easy right?

Now, if a fighter is an UNDERDOG, they will have a plus (+) line. For instance, Randy Couture is a +280 Underdog against Tim Sylvia. That means, for every $100 you wager, you win $280 back! So, if you bet $100 on Randy Couture to WIN, your total payout be $380!

Its that simple.

As for Over/Under, I'll have to correct my buddy Acidofil in its importance to the MMA bettor. (sorry pal!)

At, we offer you the ability to pick the Over/Under in the ROUNDS of MMA fights! So you don't just get an opportunity to pick who will win, but you can wager on how long the fight will last!

For instance, in the Chris Lytle vs Matt Hughes fight, The Over/Under is set at 1.5 rounds.

For all the latest UFC 68 Odds and lines, head to

Hope this helps guys, let us know if you need more info!

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