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2/25/10 9:27:14PM
Hey, just checking out these wagers...and I must say. this event has some of the most one sided betting lines, meaning of all the past events, how many times have you seen soo many underdogs, by that meaning +300 or more, i.e. Shannon Gugerty being at +850 against Guida, Brillz against Schafer, Gourmley/Schaub, etc.

I wanna make some money and try to get the upsets picked, but with that many, how or who could we eliminate? Help from the playground maybe...?

I don't want to be sure that Schaub will run through Chase. I think Gugerty has good wrestling, but Guida's pressure is non stop, and he's coming off two losses, so he needs a win. I like Marshall over Vlad, can see Brillz over Schafer, and so on, and so on. But the problem is, it is likely, according to the lines, that the opposite happens. I don't know. Let's hear what everyone thinks...

Who you betting? Who you like and why
2/25/10 11:26:23PM
I don't like any of the underdogs on this card.
2/25/10 11:29:55PM
the reason there is so many underdogs is because there are some horribly lopsided matches on this card I wouldn't bet on any of them
2/25/10 11:31:29PM
The only underdog I would bet on is Sakara.
2/26/10 12:36:26AM
There's a couple of decent bets on this card...IMO anyway. I'm not gonna share my opinion though...that's how good odds get reversed.
2/26/10 11:17:07PM
You can make an arguement that all of them win more then their odds state.
2/27/10 2:29:14AM
Well now that Fisher's out of his fight with Bang -

I Really thought those were great odds, just didnt want to let anyone else know.
2/27/10 10:22:01AM
i'll throw some money on a huge underdog
not much less than 50 but when the fighter wins he nest over 200 even more some times
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