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2/27/07 12:00:15PM
Can someone please explain the betting system to me. Never tired it before. like here whats the whole +200 -500 crap mean?

Sorry for being nubish never done it before.

Feel free to go in deep detail.
2/27/07 1:20:18PM
its very simple. on the line that you have provided the +200 means if you put up 100 bucks on that person you would win 200 bucks for a total of 300 bucks. if you wanted the fighter with the -500 you would have to put up 500 bucks to win 100 bucks for a total of 600 bucks. i hope this helps you out in your future bets
2/27/07 3:29:42PM
where are the best betting places?
2/27/07 3:45:13PM
Does betus even do Pride events I didn't check the other day because I already use a sportsbook that does UFC/Pride and even IFL and gives better odds than betus.
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