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10/20/08 4:59:56PM
I see Josh Koscheck is +115 real line and Tyson Griffin is +175ish. Thoughts on 1 or both winning.. I think Kos can take Alves down when he wants and stay on top. Griffin with those odds also might be worth a play.
10/20/08 5:14:22PM
definitly put some cash on Koscheck.
10/20/08 6:35:44PM
i think tyson griffin is going to loose.

to beat sherk, you need to be able to

A. prevent the takedown


b. have a great jab


c. just completely outwrestle him, and hold him down.

the big 'hole' in sherk's game is his predictable head movement, which penn and gsp took advantage of with jabs.

i dont think tyson griffin's boxing and wrestling are that good.
10/21/08 12:23:36AM
With those odds, i think you'd be crazy not to put money on Koscheck.
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