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5/30/08 11:35:47PM
New to the forum and i love it, im big into betting mma and was looking for some opinions. looking at nate marq at-165 and ricardo almedia even against cote thoughts? think these are 2 nice winnas
5/31/08 9:46:51AM
i think both of those are solid bets, especially almeida. im really surprised that is available at even money (i havent looked just going by your post). sometimes the betting lines are off because of a fighters popularity and a books efforts to balance their books and i imagine this is one of those situations, and i would think their is quite a bit of value in almeida at anything -125 or better
5/31/08 1:10:32PM
good fight bets, i love the 4 fight parlays,
all i can say is don't bet all your money in one shot or event
5/31/08 2:08:18PM
Ricardo Almedia started at +130 and has been bet down to even. I think he will take Cote down and submit him...
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