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8/30/08 11:44:58AM
for a wandy HL? seems to fit his uber violent style plus the obvious ( its his entrance music)

or... does anyone have a sandstorm mix with smething else...or an extended version
8/30/08 12:00:10PM
My buddy does and its freakin awesome, im going to search for it... but im late right now for somewhere i need to be. I'll post it later if it hasn't already been posted or i'll pm it to you
8/30/08 12:33:55PM
awesome thanks
8/30/08 2:25:20PM
Man there is only like a thousand sandstorm remix'z just go to a rave

I saw delireum (spelled it wrong I know) in florida was awsome

If you need help I probally have some mix'z in the garage in my old raver boxes I could send ya
8/30/08 4:24:56PM
There are a ton of songs better than Sandstorm.

Try any of these

Atom Bomb - Fluke
1998 - Binary Finary
Heaven's Earth - Delerium
Velvet - DJ Tandu
Floor Essence - Man with no Name
Go - Moby
Mystify - Positronic Brain
Injected with a Poison - Praga Kahn
Age of Love - Age of Love
Firestarter (Empirion Mix) - The Prodigy
Control Juno Reactor Instrumental - Traci Lords

These are just a few names I pulled from my collection. I could send MP3s of any one you want.
8/30/08 6:38:51PM
I think this song could work great for a HL (only seen it in an Alexey Ignashov HL, great HL)

8/31/08 7:26:32AM
It might be a bit of an odd song given it's from the "SID/chiptune metal remix" genre (only fans of it get it) but "fighters from ninne v2" by Machinae Supremacy comes to mind for me, the lyrics seem a bit appropriate for it.
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