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9/6/08 2:51:57PM
just wondering how Kurt Pellegrino is on the ppv and Nate Diaz is not when nate is on a four fight win streak and every fight except the manny fight he looked good. and not to mention he beat Kurt. and another question is, diaz is the main even on the upcoming fight night, so is it better to be on a undercard for a ppv or a main event for a fight night?

i would have to say its better to be the main event on a fight night. you will get much more exposure. and i think main even on fight night is a stepping stone, first you are main even on fight night then if you win you go to undercard ppv and then if you win there, you go to main card ppv (some will skip the undercard and go straight to the main card.)
9/6/08 2:59:54PM
main event on spike. someone could make the argument that if you are a great striker, or ground specialist and you have great chance of getting sub or ko of the night ppv might be better.

Nate's jitz is legit, and with him getting sub after sub, there is a good chance he could get SOTN, but i think he'd still rather be the headliner on national television.

With another sold win on spike, nate could be on ppv's main card soon.

it depends on what you are looking career...etc.

9/6/08 3:27:13PM
I originally misread what you meant.

The fact that one is televised and one is not makes the televised one better. I could make more argument but that seems to simplify it. How does being unshown help you. at taht point you're hoping to have a good enuf match that if time permits they might show.
9/6/08 3:34:35PM
that's pretty easy. main event on national tv. way more exposure. a lot of people don't ever see some of the ppv undercards. it would be nice to see all the fights on the card live or put the undercards on spike or something. way to many good fighters don't get much exposure from being on an undercard.
9/6/08 5:50:11PM
i think after the neer fight i think diaz will make the jump to pay per view portions ala jon fitch
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