Well better late than never, but here I am!

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11/12/07 12:37:58AM
Heya all! I Joined MMAPlayground a few months ago but really haven't been that active (lol well at least until lately, when I decided to stick my Canuck nose into the fray and speak my mind) so since I am starting to post I thought I would say hi to everyone.

Been following MMA for a long time,first UFC event I watched (UFC2) was in a local wateringhole here in Victoria BC and I have been hooked ever since. Only just recently discovered the Interent side of MMA with all the Fan fourms and after checking out a few of them found a this place. Boy was it refreshing! (lol especially after Sherdog!!!) Everyone here seems to be very knowlegeable and down to earth and I hope I can get into some great disscusions dealing with MMA with all of you.

11/12/07 2:55:40AM
Welcome to the greatest MMA forum, we have very knowledgable posters as well as very smart Mods so you won't have any " Sherdoggers " , so basically welcome to the forum , Hey dude Props for the great MMA quotes
11/12/07 4:50:46PM
Welcome Bemin

As a fellow Canuck I assure you this is way better than Sherdog. Maybe they don't have enough of us northerners on the website.
11/12/07 5:31:54PM
11/13/07 5:20:03PM
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