Which has better fighters?(UFC or Pride FC)

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POLL: Which has better fighters?
UFC 40% (8)
Pride FC 60% (12)
4/3/07 2:36:17PM
Who do you think has better fighters? *before ufc bought pride..
4/3/07 2:59:45PM
I've got to go with Pride... The only division that the UFC had control of was the 170lb and that is self explanitory...

HW... Pride... although even before the merger UFC was catching up quickly

LHW... Pride... Just too many good LHW's (Wandy, Shogun, Arona, Lil Nog, etc)

MW... close to a tie... I give it to Pride because I think Hendo is the top 185er out there


LW... Pride... Lots of great fighters and the UFC's LW div is just too young to compare, IMO
4/3/07 3:04:57PM
I think UFC has morer top guys and Pride has a stronger stable of fighters.
4/3/07 3:10:46PM
I would say delete this thread before a flamewar happens.

I have always said they are even and I will continue to say that...if you are in the UFC or Pride you are a world class fighter and you did a good job making it to the big time so congrats to them, I will enjoy watching all of it.
4/3/07 6:03:21PM
Although hesitant to post on this topic, I think it depends on the weight division.
4/4/07 8:26:07PM

Posted by Ydoc

I think UFC has morer top guys and Pride has a stronger stable of fighters.

4/4/07 9:33:32PM

Posted by Winslow

Who do you think has better fighters? *before ufc bought pride..

basically what you are really saying is: "Hey, are you a PRIDE/UFC nuthugger? If so please tell me your completely biased opinion here because there is no real answer but id just like to start a flamewar..."
4/6/07 12:38:11PM
I think pride and ufc are both top organizations for a reason. because they both have lots of good "top" fighters. i love watching ufcs 170 lb class, and prides heavyweight class. but what i dont like about pride LHW class was that it was mostly just two teams fighting each other so we would never get to see some potentially great fights. like Shogun vs. wandy, arona vs. lil nog. but they still have nakamura and now henderson. does anyone else really want to see Wandy vs. Lil Nog?
4/12/07 2:41:03PM
PRIDE is just straight up rougher than UFC.
4/13/07 8:29:37PM
Well now both companies are kind of like a melting pot.Like two different teams under one camp.I think Pride fighters for the most part,are more entertaining to watch.When a majority of UFC fighters compete,they seem to have the same fighting style.Both have great fighters,but i think PRIDE has more of a world-wide range of fighters who bring their own unique styles to the ring.
4/13/07 10:51:32PM
currently the ufc has a better stable of fighters, but two years ago 9or maybe just one) pride had them beat for sure. the ufc has had so many signings lately, and not just the people that crossed over from pride, that i just think its become a deep organization. lots of young blood too.
4/14/07 12:01:00PM
have to go with ufc on this one
4/14/07 3:33:41PM
I think that all the UFC young blood is the thing. PRIDE has a lot of experienced fighters.
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