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POLL: Which UFC event was better?
UFC 116 41% (13)
UFC 117 50% (16)
UFC 118 9% (3)
8/29/10 6:23:11PM
Which event do you think was better UFC 116, 117, or 118?

I personally like 117 the best. Its one of my favorite events. The main event was just amazing and Matt Hughes was awesome.
8/29/10 6:45:05PM
I am a massive Randy fan and a massive Diaz fan, but 118 had 3 decisions and 1 3rd round finish with only 1 obvious candidate for FOTN

117 Was an incredibly spectacular event but like 116, seeing Brock proving he is for real and winning by a means no-one expected, seeing Shaub shine, watching Bonnars revenge and witnessing the Leben Entertainment Era, just topped it off

Overall though
118 3.5 Star
117 4.5 Star
116 5 Star
115 3 Star
114 2 Star
113 4 Star
8/29/10 11:27:53PM
118 some of the fights were boring

I did enjoy diaz vs davis
And toney vs couture

But seeing gabe "cake boy" ruediger get his butt kicked was priceless

Overall gotta go with 116. Best for me of the year. With 111 in second place

For me versus 2 card I had a blast
This did beat 114 for me
8/30/10 2:22:01AM
I think 108 should be considered one of the top cards of the year.
8/30/10 2:44:13AM

Posted by spikerman19

I think 108 should be considered one of the top cards of the year.

108 will always be cast in a negative light because of how injury-riddled it was. It was good for what it was though.

UFC 116 is my favorite of the year. A lot of those fights had a flair for the dramatic.

Soszynski, Brown, and Carwin all won the first rounds of their respective fights pretty handily. Akiyama was less than a minute from a decision victory. They all lost.

That sort of back-and-forth dynamic is interesting in individual fights, and a card's worth is even better. Hell, even Pellegrino almost notched a come-from-behind victory.

EDIT: Romero looked like a fish out of water against Petruzelli in his first round too. And there was a slam KO, a one-punch KO, and mounted triangle armbar. That card was excellent.

8/30/10 11:51:09AM
116 & 117 were amazing....118 was good, not great.
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