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11/10/08 9:49:55AM
Hay guys whats your opinion on this ipod vs zune if you have a zune, how is it? Im looking in to it and I cant find any reason not to get the zune over the ipod.

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11/10/08 11:43:16AM

Posted by holt8081

Hay guys whats your opinion on this ipod vs zune if you have a zune, how is it? Im looking in to it and I cant find any reason not to get the zune over the ipod.

To me, both are too expensive for what they offer.
Do you want to listen to mp3, watch videos or both?
Do you need to have a lots of storage space?
Like it is only for a 30 mins bus ride or is it to use on stand and replace your stereo?

I usually use a small and cheap creative nano mp3 player or one of those on this site: http://www.mp3playerstore.com/

I think it's best for my usage. I mostly use it on the bus and subway. I load it with songs once a week. and I paid the nano 8$ and the one from the mp3store 20$
11/10/08 1:39:58PM
ipod easier to use, more accessories
11/10/08 1:51:05PM
I have an ipod and id hate not to have it at this point. I travel for like 2-3 hours every day so the fact it holds so much actually matters. Ive never used a Zune before though, so i really have to idea as to whether its better. But the new ipods have good battery life (i litterally charge about once or twice a week) and if you want to put movies on, they get compressed to like the size of 3 albums so it doesnt take up to much space which is cool
11/10/08 1:59:43PM
Both really have a few perks & features the other doesn't. With Zune, the big one is that you can wirelessly send & receive songs to/from other Zunes, and songs you receive you can play a few times (up to 3 I think) for free before you have to buy them. Zune does offer TV shows but their selection isn't nearly what iPod can play.
11/10/08 3:33:38PM
i like the zunes better. my brother has a zune and has had no problems with it, but something goes wrong with my ipod classic every week it seems
11/10/08 4:24:14PM
I had a Ipod touch and itunes wanted me to buy all the songs and half the songs i obtained through the internet (wink wink) didn't work bc itunes software wants u to buy the songs from them. So I went back to using my 80g Zune... but if u want a 30g Ipod Touch i have one for sale! lol Zune is better even though its a little bigger in thickness then the Ipod but its Apps r good, easy to use and battery life is pretty awesome.
11/10/08 4:49:14PM
Ive never owned an Ipod but I bought the 80gb Zune back in September and its alright but I do have some problems with it. First, whenever I run while wearing it, sometimes it randomly freezes and I have to reset which can be a pain since it doesnt always reset until I get it plugged up to the computer. I put it in my pocket when I run so maybe it just wasnt meant to be in your pocket while running?

Another problem I have is minor and more of an issue of preference. You have to use the Zune software to transfer any files and the software sucks... so if you ever wanted to use it to connect to a ps3 or other third party device forget it. Id rather the device be seen as a USB hard drive so I can have complete control over all my files. And that brings up another point, it has a proprietary input for the USB cable instead of the standard USB mini-b that cell phones and most everything else use. That means I have to carry yet another adaptor with me in the car if I want to charge it on the road, instead of being able to use the adaptor Ive already got for my cell phone.

And you'll be charging it alot. Ive read that people get about 30 hours before it dies, but I'm lucky to get around 12 and that's just from playing music with the buttons locked. I attribute the crappy battery life to the fact that it seems to stay on standby all the time, there doesnt seem to be a way to turn it totally off when you're not using it.

Im sure the Ipod has its own kinks but I would have bought an Ipod instead just because I hate using propreitary software. Apparently there are firmware hacks that can fix this but Id rather not go down that route in case I ever have to call microsoft for repairs.
11/10/08 4:55:26PM
I just have an mp3 player, but I like the Ipod.
11/10/08 5:02:29PM
Reason why I say this is cause I have had an bad expierence with expensive stuff, had a razr right so I was lifting weights with the football team one of the football players drops a weight on the camera.
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