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POLL: Who had a better KO
Markham 69% (24)
Belfort 11% (4)
Barnett 20% (7)
7/20/08 1:57:07AM
Who's knock out was better
Vitor Belfort
Rory Markham
Josh Barnett

My pick was Markham. High kick ko's are great.
7/20/08 2:00:17AM
I blinked and missed the kick that really came from no where
7/20/08 2:00:44AM
Yea Markham was great, love those KO's were their body is just paralyzed as they are falling down.

Although I LOVED the vitor KO, again the body paralyzed, and how martin fell into/through the ropes was great. Vitor looked great picking his shots, hope he keeps it up, and finds his way into the UFC again.

Barnet KO looked alot like the KO of hendo over Wandy, left hook put him down, paralyzed as he falls down, hits him with one more shots for the finish, even where they were in the ring it looked the same.

Not doubt Markham gets KO of the night for that.
7/20/08 2:01:50AM
he was in trouble backing away and then boom high kick he never seen it coming what a badass
7/20/08 2:41:50AM
i never get bored with KO kicks
7/20/08 4:28:00AM
was it K O of the night
7/20/08 4:44:16AM
The only reason I'm not saying Barnett's KO is because Rizzo is a long time hero of mine and that was hard to watch, it was like his Pride fights all over again.

Markham's KO wins just because its a head kick though. You cant blink.
7/20/08 7:56:34AM
Markham takes it for me.

That kick was so fast!
7/20/08 3:12:03PM
I'm saying Barnett, he's my favorite heavyweight fight and I was like flipping out with joy when he KO'ed Pedo, it reminded me of Hendo's KO of Wanderlei.
7/20/08 7:34:52PM
The Belfort knock out meant a lot, i think that was the best ,but man markhams KO was nasty
7/20/08 9:16:53PM
7/20/08 9:24:38PM

Posted by The_Ho_Bag


i gotta go with gonzaga based on the way cro cop dropped. nuts

as far as last night....i'm not sure. they were all dope.
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