6 $30 bets

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1/28/07 4:13:48PM
i would like to bet on all of these(one on each)

Wiuff over Naka, UD
Smith over Cote, Rnd 3
Rivera over Martin, Rnd 2
Trigg over Misaki, UD
MacDonald over Franklin, UD
Couture over Big Tim, UD

$30 on each, let me know what ya think, drop me a PM
1/28/07 4:47:44PM
I'll take that Sylvia - Couture bet... sent you a wager.
1/28/07 5:57:53PM
Sent a wager.

I'll take Franklin over Mcdonald any day. They are feeding him to a wolf for a comeback highlight knockout reel.

Good luck sir :)
1/28/07 6:11:32PM
I´ll take Trigg/Misaki and Wiuff/Naka.

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