AV Bets on UFC 113

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4/21/10 11:49:57PM
If you want some, come get some! I want Belcher or Koscheck....any takers?
4/22/10 12:20:26AM
That's the fight you are AV betting on for UFC 113?
4/22/10 3:22:06AM
Yeah, I want Belcher over Cote or Koscheck over Daley.....they are competitive fights with fans on both sides.
4/22/10 3:39:35AM
Am I missing the part where the main even isn't competitive with fans on both sides?
4/22/10 2:55:15PM
Oh, no you definately are not.....it's just too risky for my weak ass!! I can hardly pick the winner, and don't even have the gonads to wager on it!! So I figured these were the next best thing....
4/22/10 4:04:20PM
Hey, I won't bet on it either.
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