AV BET.....GSP vs Serra

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4/4/08 6:01:09PM
AV must stay on from 4/20 til 5/23, the day before UFC 84 Ill Will.
As dirty, as rude, as insulting as you want it to be.

i Wont be online for a day or 2 so gimme time to respond. i will take the bet w/ the 1st who PMs me and/or posts on this thread that they agree to the terms.

4/4/08 9:32:06PM
depends who yu think will win
4/5/08 2:24:24AM
c'mon, serra is a 9 to 1 underdog.... you have to play the odds or else no ones going to take it.
4/5/08 3:04:41AM
i agree to ur terms.

i pick GSP
4/5/08 6:46:07AM

Posted by RMFG_187

i agree to ur terms.

i pick GSP

LOL yeah good one dude, its amazing this must be like the 3rd person ive seen make an avatar bet thread then fail to say who they think will win, but its obviously GSP with his username

Loser should only have to have the avvy for a week, if you lose you should have to keep it for 4 weeks
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