UFC 88 av bet

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9/6/08 10:22:29AM
I'll take Matt Brown if anyone wants to take Kim. Goes til next ufc (not fight night) any takers.
9/6/08 11:33:21AM
I'd be all over this if I weren't already involved in an AV bet.
9/6/08 11:56:16AM
i accidentally hit the report button on emfleek's post in attempts to quote him so i hope that doesn't cause any problems....

anyway i would take this too...but only if it lasts until September 23rd b/c i have a Dream 6 bet going on
9/6/08 1:09:26PM
Ill take this bet.
9/6/08 6:28:53PM

Posted by Pookie

Ill take this bet.

Alright you got it man. You're goin down though I warn you.
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