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4/30/11 4:33:42PM
these odds are according to betus

GSP vs. Shields over 3.5 rds -135 / for 35/ another 35$ at -155
Coture+250 vs. Machida/ for 35$
coture vs. machida- over 2.5 rds -115 for 35$
Henderson vs. Bocek under 2.5 rds +125/ for 35$
Henderson-145 vs. Bocek/ for 35$
Matyushenko-120 vs. Brilz/ for 35$/ another 35$ at even
Diaz-120 vs. Macdonald/ for 35$
diaz mcdonald under 2.5rd +125 for 35$
pierson vs. ellenberger under 2.5rds +125
Patrick-145 for 35$
Valencia+155 vs. Menjivar for 35$
jensen-115 vs. Macdonald for 35$
Garza+140 vs. jabouin for 35$

4/30/11 5:26:53PM
I wouldn't pick Henderson to finish Bocek, I would pick him to take a decision, I also wouldn't pick Couture unless I was getting bare minimum of 3:1, even that would be a stretch for me.

I probably also wouldn't pick the Diaz vs McDonald fight to go less than 2.5 rounds. McDonald is tough as nails and Nate is not exactly a finisher.

I don't know, I think you'll be lucky to break even on these bets. I guess most of it depends on how the undercard fights play out. I definitely wouldn't take finishes on henderson/bocek and diaz/mcdonald though nor would I put any money on Couture.

That's my advice.
4/30/11 5:50:57PM
yea I'm new to this board ive been posting on espn for the past couple of years but overall in the last 5 ufc events im 4-1 in the events. The last UFC event i lost about 90$ but overall i come up hopefully on this 1 i do to
4/30/11 10:31:07PM
Well if GSP doesn't finish Shields in the first 3 rounds you can still make about 5 dollars.
5/1/11 12:24:30AM
Looks like you should be positive a few bucks! Any profit is good profit.
5/1/11 10:55:48AM
Looks like Couture and Diaz lost you some cash but overall you did well.
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