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POLL: Whatcha think of 08? Is it going to be?
The best year ever in MMA 35% (19)
The best year ever for the UFC 41% (22)
Dude get off Dana's jock 15% (8)
Nothing compared to PRIDE 6% (3)
Average year not worth the fuss 4% (2)
2/5/08 8:55:42PM
I have no idea how any other org can compete

I am so excited for all of the upcomming fights scheduled

WOW how can anyone hate Dana now? I feel bad for pride but I think it was worth they're demise
2/5/08 9:35:09PM
Yeah I definatly say the Biggest Year for the UFC based on what we know as of right now. I'd say not the biggest year in MMA because when Pride put on shows they would have an estimated crowd of like 90,000 + people attending their shows and the UFC brings in about 20,000 people.

- Brock Lesnar coming to the UFC - This makes the UFC so much marketable because Wrestling fans get attracked to the UFC because one of their stars made it their. And it isn't like Brock isn't a threat because he is actually a great fighter training with some serious MMA fighters like Sean Sherk and Nick Thompson. He could easily make a run for the belt and draw in a ton of fans on the way.

- UFC coming to Canada - In case you don't know this, Canada has the biggest population if MMA fans per square mile and now they don' t have to leave their country to attend a live event. And they have their country man like Georges St. Pierre and Patrick Cote who have been on a fighting tear. Having Title fights in Canada would make so much I wouldn't be suprised if the UFC has an event in Croatia and markets Mirko's return. So once the forein invasion happens than MMA will be a mainstream sport.

- Chuck Liddell is back - Having Chuck beat Wanderlei was good and bad, but the good thing is that they could market another Title Shot run if Quinton looses the belt.
2/5/08 9:43:18PM
I think it will be the best year ever because we will finally see the dream matches we've all wanted to see for a long time. So far this year is living up to the best year ever. UFC 80 will be hard as hell to beat for card of the year with all the fantastic fights and knockouts. UFC 81 was awesome. 82 Looks amazing, Hendo vs Anderson!!!

This could easily be the best year for the UFC. I would say MMA because we might be able to see some dream matches like JZ Calvan vs Shinya and maybe even Uriah or some other famous FW or LW vs Kid. But I won't say the best year in all of MMA because Pro Elite will blow it since there having all these whacko main events coming up. Kimbo vs Ken, Frank vs Ken. Not something I'm looking forward too,
2/5/08 10:05:28PM
They're definitely putting some of the dream matches that Dana promised together. Really great year so far. It's had a bunch of awesome cards already and more are coming.
2/5/08 10:18:00PM
If these fights happen...which i expect they will

Chuck vs Shogun

Hendo vs Anderson

then to add Fight Night 12

UFC is in for the best year ever!

Just would hope Fight Night would play longer then 2 hours, since the card is so jacked, with great fights.

2/5/08 10:25:07PM
i believe it was wih the purchase of pride and all...
2/5/08 10:35:24PM

Posted by TheHitmanTL

i believe it was wih the purchase of pride and all...

That may hv helped a bit. As for the fantasy matchups becomming reality what is what is going to make 08 so good. How in the fruck is Dana White screwin us in Canadaso hard. Yea it is good to have Canadian fighters on the card but damn he overdid it. Seriously give us a fight or two from UFN12 or even a prelim from UFC 82, he is going to get the biggest gate ever and probably the smallest fighter payout of 2008.
2/5/08 11:29:42PM
I think it will be the best year for mma as a whole, for me personally obviously it was 2006 . This will be an incredible year for the UFC and MMA, as well as K-1
2/6/08 11:50:41AM
This is definetelythe best year for the UFC and for MMA in general this year is going to be crazy all the great matchups everyone wantstosee are going to happen its going to be great
2/6/08 1:55:36PM
Joe Silva must wake up every morning stiff as a board just thinking of fights he can throw together with the talent pool he has to work with. He is definately making the best of it.
2/6/08 6:00:57PM
ask me again in like sept
2/19/08 1:32:03PM
I think 2008 will be the best year of MMA yet.....and I think 2009 will be even better....and 2010 better yet....get my point?
2/19/08 6:37:50PM
Well with the acquisition of many of the Pride fighters and the way things are standing right now it looks like 2008 can very well be the best year in MMA - the sport has also evolved so much, we are going to see very competitive fights with lots of action.. however we dont really know until we sit back for the year and see what happens..

It is going to be very interesting to say the least, there are a lot of fights already scheduled which make for (on paper) great fights and I just cant wait to see what the future holds for not only the UFC but for fighters in other orgs like Mirko Cro Cop, Fedor Emilianenko, Kimbo Slice (I know, lol...), Takanori Gomi and the list goes on...

I have a hunch that 2008 is going to be spectacular, but like I said only time can tell!
2/20/08 9:27:28AM
Things just seem to get better and better every year. The UFC have begun this year with a bang and by the looks of the stacked cards that are upcoming, it's only gonna get better. With Japanese MMA also on the bounce, I'd say 2008 could be the best year of MMA ever.
9/4/12 2:20:11AM
2012 when belfort knocks out jj
9/9/12 7:55:32AM

Posted by prozacnation1978

ask me again in like sept

Ask me again in Dec
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