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2/2/08 2:46:33AM
For those of you who have an interest in wrestling, make sure you check out Brent Metcalf. Brent is a sophmore at Iowa. His ultra-aggresive style is making waves right now. I am finding his matches to be really inspirational. I had the pleasure to see him in person at the National Duals and it was one of the most dominant performances I've ever seen. Watching Metcalf you see what wrestling can and should be. I'll link a couple of things to get you started, but you have to see him in action.

Bio article

There really isn't any good video of Metcalf on Youtube right now. You can find a couple of matches, but they are not really indicitive of where he is at now. Hopefully some good stuff will come out soon.

2/2/08 1:17:15PM
i've herd of him
2/6/08 6:09:59PM
I saw him wrestle on T.V. a couple of times he's amazing, but what can you expect form Iowa
3/9/08 4:53:29PM
Just an update on Metcalf... he won the Big Ten Tourney today beating Dustin Schlatter 5-3.

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