who is best tuf winner so far?? worst winner??

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3/16/08 9:33:36PM

Posted by Mayhem13

Joe Daddy


3/17/08 12:35:40AM
best= forrest and stevenson
worst= kendall
3/17/08 9:19:00AM
3/17/08 2:39:32PM

Posted by Pookie

Best is forrest griffin undoubtably

Worst is Kendall grove.

3/17/08 2:48:21PM

Posted by Mastodon2

Posted by Mayhem13

Joe Daddy


How can you call Danzig one of the worst? He won a contes for WW's while he normally fights at lightwight, and he beat the WW behemoth Tommy Speer and made it look easy. Danzig has a good career, not amazing names to win against but a good amount of solid experience. I expect Danzig to do well at LW, he is gonna be a success I think.

3/17/08 3:48:30PM
Best: Stevenson and Griffin
Worst: Lutter, give Grove a chance....wait....lol
3/17/08 4:10:38PM
No brainer in my eyes

season one
diego sanchez, forrest griffin

and worst for sure i'd say Grove....guy looks like crap, and is a joke in my eyes. Allowing Rivera to make you look like a rookie is a joke....and Rivera has been in and out of UFC, so the guy is avg in UFC's eyes....
3/17/08 11:24:52PM
1 - Forrest
2 - Rashad

1 - Grove
2 - Lutter
3/18/08 11:31:43AM
i like rashad and nate diaz
3/18/08 12:48:20PM
Once again it all really depends on what you mean by best. Do you mean my favorite? Or do you mean best record and success since winning TUF? Or do you mean who has made the biggest impression since winning TUF?

Depending on what you mean, I might say Matt Serra is the best winner as he is the only TUF winner to win the title. Joe Stevenson is close behind in that regard, followed by Forrest.

Or I could say Rashad based on the fact that he hasn't lost a fight since TUF. On paper he makes a good case for "best".

Or I could say Forrest because his (and Stephan's) showing at the first TUF finale did more for MMA than any other fight ever. He's one of the most liked fighters in the UFC and has one of the best personalites. Not to mention he'll be losing... I mean fighting for a title soon.

Worst... (theres little room for discrepancy) Gotta go with Travis Lutter. Though he came closer than any other opponent to finishing A. Silva, he did so in vain. He didn't make weight for what should've been one of the most important moments in his life. If he can win his fight against Franklin and in impressive fashion, he may restore his image and gain the faith of the fans. Kendall Grove isn't doing so hot right now, but he has won most of his fights since the show. So I'll give him a pass.

Everyone else is kinda floating out in the middle somewhere. Or their on the cusp of a title shot (Diaz, Bisping, Sanchez...).
3/18/08 1:04:13PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

My wife did remind me that Rashad hasnt lost to anyone even Tito <--Test but didn't lose

Wife exact words"That boring black guy that keeps winning"

tito is not an elite fighter anymore
3/19/08 8:59:50AM
This is very very obvious.....Forrest Griffin is the best hands down and Kendall Grove needs to go back to tito's camp because he just isn't cutting it anymore....Too much Herb maybe??
4/9/08 10:17:09AM
worst is Ed herman
4/9/08 1:15:29PM
The worst has to be Kendal Grove. I hate to say it but the best has to be Serra since he did win a belt.
4/9/08 7:12:34PM
Best Winner: Matt "The terror" Serra
Worst Winner: Kendall "Glass Jaw" Grove

You guys won't be singing the same tune after Lutter beats Rich Franklin.
4/10/08 3:33:58PM
Griffin for sure I never could of imagined that someone from TUF would beat Shogun Rua, Grove is definatley the worst , as he was knocked out in last two bouts
4/15/08 9:01:56PM
The best in my opinion is Evans with Griffin being a close second. Grove is the worst.
4/15/08 9:46:26PM
sanchez,griffin,evans,bisping,diaz,danzig,stevenson,serra,lutter are all great fighter

the only i think is inferior to the other is kendall grove

The best:Rashad Evans or Forest Griffin

The Worst:Kendall Grove
4/15/08 10:29:51PM
After his last fight with Pelligrino, WAR DIAZ!!!! That kid took some major punishment in the crucafix position and then came back to win. With time he wil be great.
4/16/08 10:26:08PM
I would say Kendall Grove with ease as the worst. Got to be Joe Stevenson or Forrest as the best. Of course common sense makes me want to say Forrest because he just beat Shogun and Joe Daddy got brutally beat but I think Joe Daddy may be the better overall fighter. There's no shame in getting tooled by Penn, just don't let it happen too much. lol
4/16/08 11:23:01PM
diego sanchez. and if forrest beats rampage i will make a tpoic for a post completely dedicated to appologizing to forrest griffen. ive hated on him in the past calling him such things as "the most overrated fighter". lately though he has been impressing me.
4/17/08 2:35:06AM
Best: Lutter (hate him or not)

Worst: Grove (but still good)
4/17/08 4:38:51AM
Best: Forrest/Stevenson

Worst: Grove

i think that danzig and nate will be good ones in the future.

4/17/08 2:55:22PM

Posted by F--K_Luck_AuH2O

Worst: Grove (but still good)

I wouldn't call him good. Last two fights he has been stopped in the first round most recently to the washed up Jorge Rivera.
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