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POLL: best tapout fighter?
charuto verissimo 3% (1)
donald cerrone 42% (14)
jake rosholt 3% (1)
matt majors 24% (8)
demacio page 3% (1)
dan lauzon 24% (8)
9/23/08 1:46:57AM
my favorite has been matt majors but i was most impressed with jake rosholt id have to say
9/23/08 1:49:20AM
No Einstein love? lol
9/23/08 8:29:44AM
i just love the matt major episode i could care less about his fighting

just a classic tapout moment "wheres the foreman grill they haven an oven on the bus wheres my grill i need the foreman grill''
9/23/08 9:50:40AM
9/23/08 12:12:50PM
why no glover texiera love?....i think he's been the best fighter on the show....other than that cowboy is currently and rosholt will be in the future
9/23/08 1:20:41PM
tears for bears who could forget that
but ya coyboy or page imo arwe the best
9/23/08 6:04:30PM
where is glover?
9/23/08 8:52:27PM
I loved john dodson. that dude was crazy (doin front flips and back flips to avoid being taken down). Plus the way he beat his opponent was freakin sweet
9/24/08 11:26:40PM
i think Glover was the best, there was rumor that he was going to be this current season of TUF but Dana White just signed him anyway. can anyone confrim this? i also think Albert "no" Manners( "Respect") has the most potential IF he can keep his shit together.
9/25/08 10:36:25AM
Dan Lauzon
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