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8/31/07 12:25:05AM
Who is the best striker in all of mma my pick would have to be anderson silva he has the lightning quick hands that allows him to throw 5-10 punch combos the accuracy that allows him to hit his opponent 2-5 times before they hit the ground and the power to knock almost anyone out cold!!!!!!!

Give me ur picks

WAR WANDERLEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8/31/07 12:27:46AM
Mirko Cro Cop.
8/31/07 12:36:54AM
At one time Vitor Belfort was........ He had lightning quick hands and all of the punches connected. When he knocked out Wanderlei Silva in the UFC it was just incredeble hoe many punches he threw. He threw more than 10 punches in a row and each one of them connected.

CroCop is also an amazing striker. Also Hendo and Rampage are very good strikers too.
8/31/07 12:37:04AM
Mirko Cro Cop, Mark hunt also has very good striking, and anderson silva..
8/31/07 1:00:56AM
I just think if you look at it objectivly you have one guy who fought some of the best K-1 had to offer and wooped em, and you have another guy who's outstriking people like nate marquart....doesn't seem like theres a ton of arguments here lol.
8/31/07 1:33:34AM
cmill I knew you would be in on this one, but I do agree Cro Cop would be my top choice. Not only is he very accurate but hes quick and when they land its lights out. Striking includes kicks also there is no debate that Mirkos are the best.
8/31/07 1:39:29AM
lol Well If it was anderson and anyone else i'd pick anderson, well maybe hunt, but the deal breaker in the best striker is if they've fought and succeeded in K-1. Thats the highest level for a striker.
8/31/07 2:13:18AM
You are right!
8/31/07 2:16:41AM
definetley Anderson The Spider Silva,he blows the competition away with hands,knees,kicks,elbows,speed,he is just dominate
8/31/07 8:08:30AM
Semmy Schilt, Mark Hunt, Mirko Cro-Cop, Jeremy Williams
8/31/07 9:00:57AM
Mirko, LeBanner, Semmy, Hunt, ...i would say Anderson but i would like to see him in there with tougher strikers then whose he's beaten b4 i wud go as far to say hes one of the best
8/31/07 9:04:59AM
I would have to say Mirko #1 and Anderson Silva #2
8/31/07 9:50:33AM
Man, there's not much love for Chuck these days.

Granted, he can't throw kicks like CroCop, or punch as hard as some others mentioned here, but excluding his losses to Rampage, he had won 8 fights, and finished each one convincingly with strikes. Against half decent opposition too, inc. Horn, Randy, Tito, Babalu, Overeem.

Not saying he is the BEST striker, just thought he deserved an honourable mention.
8/31/07 11:37:21AM
its hard to say because Silva did beat some strikers (Lebon&Fanklin) with no problem.
BUT cro Cop is so damn good to
8/31/07 12:17:15PM
IMO Cro cop is the best but dsilva is a very close second . the diference is that their striking styles are different Cro Cop is vey powerful and even if his strik glances off you you will get hurt, silva is much more precise when he aims for something he hits it and does damage.
8/31/07 5:49:26PM
im a big CC fan but i cant say his strkin is thew best when he just got KO, i say he would be #3 i like gsp stand up

CC vs butter bean o0o0o i think that be a fun fight( cc KO firt round tho i think)
8/31/07 8:21:17PM

Posted by loonytnt

im a big CC fan but i cant say his strkin is thew best when he just got KO, i say he would be #3 i like gsp stand up

CC vs butter bean o0o0o i think that be a fun fight( cc KO firt round tho i think)

What? The reason chucks not being listed is because the way he strikes he'd end up getting his clock cleaned by the best strikers. He holds his hands to low and his kicks and knees aren't near Mirko's and Anderson's.
8/31/07 9:32:49PM
I would say Anderson Silva.
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