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6/19/07 9:35:29PM
Just wondering what's the best site out there for fighters signature shirts. I'm looking for a Jens Pulver in particular. I seen his stuff on Warrior Wear, but they didn't have much of a selection. So just curious about any other good sites. Thanks!
6/20/07 6:37:21AM

This is the best IMO
6/22/07 7:10:01PM has some cool stuff
6/24/07 4:03:22PM
I like to shop at They have a good selection and pretty quick shipping.
6/24/07 8:13:20PM
i like
6/25/07 4:00:59PM
It's not signature, but it's a pretty cool site: You can customize the shirt any way you want, put pictures on there, customize the text. It's great if you can't find a shirt of your favorite fighter. I ordered a Fedor shirt on there, custom pic, it's pretty cool.
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