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3/25/09 11:34:21PM
An awesome list of the 10 best signature moves in MMA, compiled by the guys at Cage Potato.

3/25/09 11:54:42PM
surprised the Rampage Slam didn't make the list
3/26/09 12:38:39AM

My Muay Thai instructor once referred to Brock Lesnar’s trademark ground-and-pound attack, not unkindly, as “masturbation punches,” which is about as good a description as we can offer. Think about it — they’re short, rapid, furious, and performed by a panting, red-faced man on the brink of ecstasy.

3/26/09 3:07:08AM
Rampage's slams over his left hook
3/26/09 7:33:44AM

Posted by tlangley

Rampage's slams over his left hook

No doubt, but his hook as been pretty effective as of lately.......where's shonie's spinning backfist??? Honerable mention.....Koscheck's takedowns!!!!
3/26/09 10:18:14AM
The top four of this list are pretty hard to replace. All four equate to crazy death.

Shogun's soccer kicks and Dana White's f-bombs would be decent additions too.
3/26/09 12:11:33PM
I was sure that Shonie Carters spinning back fist was gonna be number 1. But it wasnt anywhere to be seen???
3/26/09 4:33:08PM
if they did not put in the LIVER SHOT!!!! it would of been the worst list ever... but they did... Bas has KOed more people with liver shots then i think chuck has with overhand rights...
3/26/09 4:58:50PM
I loved seeing Bas and Lyoto on the list.
3/26/09 6:29:01PM
Honorable mention:
Karo's judo throws
Couture's dirty boxing
3/26/09 9:55:52PM
I can't believe Brock Lesnar's hammer fists made the list,but Randy Couture's dirty boxing didn't.

3/26/09 10:07:29PM
wandy's knees could replace andersons.
3/27/09 1:37:21PM
Georges St Pierre's Superman punch is the best in the business... Should've at least made honorable mention.
3/27/09 6:04:49PM
No love for the Kalib Starnes Sprint either
3/27/09 7:17:40PM
Shogun's tornado kick,
Rampages elbow parry(s) to right hook counter

I hope Ufc undisputed has signature moves specifically for certain people.
3/27/09 9:17:55PM
Everyone is forgetting the most famous of all pride moves

The atomic butt drop - mark hunt
3/27/09 9:42:05PM

Posted by CwB

Everyone is forgetting the most famous of all pride moves

The atomic butt drop - mark hunt

If I was a fighter, this is the one I would fear the most.
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