Who is the best Ref for the NSAC?

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POLL: Who is the best Ref for the NSAC?
Big John 83% (10)
Herb Dean 17% (2)
Steve Mazzagatti 0% (0)
Mario Yamasaki 0% (0)
1/25/07 4:01:03PM
I think Big John is, i would say herb dean but that AA fight through me twords big john. what do you guys think?
1/25/07 4:14:26PM
I think they all do a great job. Herb Dean made the right decision by stopping Ortiz-Shamrock when he did. Shamrock is a legend and deserves every chance to come back out of a bad position, but if a guy is trapped against the wall and getting elbowed in the grill...how many can you take before serious damage is inflicted? 5? 10? Shammie wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, Dean did a great job.
1/25/07 4:51:59PM
Big John is the man in my opinion.
1/25/07 5:10:26PM
Big john by far
1/25/07 7:37:53PM
BJM easily.

I am yet to see him make a really horrible call.
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