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1/13/08 4:02:53PM
what martial art is the best or punching/punch defense? id have to go with boxing. any1 else disagree
1/13/08 4:35:54PM
Chuck Norris.

...that is all.
1/13/08 5:56:51PM
uhh definitely boxing since its the only one that uses just the hands. punching is considered to most to be the least effective in kickboxing and thai boxing.
1/13/08 6:40:25PM
Boxing is the obvious answer but the difference between it and any other style is probably greater than most people realize. It not uncommon to have a championship fighter receive hundreds and occasionally even a thousand, hard, accurate punches during a fight. I don't think any other combat sport is so focused on neutralizing one aspect of an attack--you certainly wouldn't see 500 leg kicks, armbar attempts or throw attempts being defended in a single match. Of course, the gloves are helping pretty substantially.
1/15/08 9:09:30AM
where did boxing come from like does it hav ancient roots like kung-fu and dat?
1/15/08 9:37:48AM

Posted by slamdunk

where did boxing come from like does it hav ancient roots like kung-fu and dat?

Yes. Although the modern (Queensbury) rules have only been around for a century or so, some form of boxing developed in several societies thousands of years ago.

Archaeological evidence indicates that Berbers and Egyptians may have practiced the sport as early as 3000 BC, and boxing is depicted in Sumerian relief carvings from the third millennium BC. The earliest evidence for boxing in the Mediterranean can be found in the Minoan civilization (c. 1500 BC). [13]

The ancient Greeks, and later the ancient Romans, had a sport called 'pugilism' (a term now often used for boxing) which resembled boxing. It contrasted with ancient Greek wrestling in that it was based on the use of fists.

In China in the Zhou Dynasty (12th Century B.C.), Jiao li, a form of wrestling that included boxing, was recorded in the Classic of Rites.
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