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1/12/08 11:14:06AM
this is ned from bubba the love sponge radio show, i actually was laughing so hard i had tears running down my facened calls ncaa

ned calls cops

ned calls caveman show protesters

1/12/08 10:01:51PM
There are so many good ones but I think I like the caveman one the most!
1/14/08 4:17:02PM
never heard this guy before.. he is funny.

this ones good, no link sorry:
1/14/08 4:46:43PM
I think when he calls the cops is funny... "wagin' a jihad on jelly doughnuts" and the "if I call 9-1-1 when my house is on fire, will I get a faster response if I say the 'perp' is holding an eclair"
1/14/08 7:21:24PM
Ned has some pretty damn good calls. His songs are funny as hell also. I'm a big Ned mark. The Bubba The Love Sponge Show is so funny.
1/14/08 10:21:59PM
this may sound horrible but i have been listening to bubba since i was in middle school and i a soph in college now.. lol... he is back on regular radio in the tampa area and his shows seem less vulgar, but ned is still funny as ever. i am trying to find it but ned has this new spoof on nicklebacks rock star song, it is sooooo funny
1/15/08 4:43:37PM
I like the guy who does Rob Ripple the bodybuilder. I think its on MJ in the morning. pretty funny
1/15/08 8:01:39PM
Here's one that myself and some other guys actually did.

Back in high school a bunch of us were over at a friend's house. We were basically just up all night watching movies and chatting. The host decides that he wants to sleep around 2 am ish. So we just continued to do what we were doing. Around 5am, we decided to play a little joke.

So what we did was make up some story how we all left to go to another guys house (he was also at the party) and got into a car accident along the way and we needed to be picked up.

So we left a note on the stairs saying that we were leaving. Opened up the basement window a crack (you'll find out why later) and drove to a nearby variety store.

We then called, from a pay phone, this guy (he was still asleep) to tell him what "happened". It took something like 30 rings before he answered. We then went on about how we got into an accident etc. etc. We asked him to pick us up so we could take care of the necessary business. (keep in mind, this is before cell phones were common call display was available and we told him that we were using the police car phone.

We waited and watched for his car to leave and we went back to his place. We crawled back into the basement via the open window and waited and waited. Now, the place we told him we were was about 30 mins. away. We heard him pull in and saw the expression on his face when he saw our car. He was pissed. The whole plan was to pretend that we were sleeping and tell him that it was all a dream (we destroyed the note we left). However, when he came downstairs (we were pretending to sleep) he just stood there and we all just burst out laughing.

He was really pissed. lol
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