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POLL: Which PPV has been the best?
UFC 108: Silva vs. Rashad 29% (6)
UFC 109: Couture vs Coleman 5% (1)
UFC 110: Nogeria vs Cain 29% (6)
UFC 111: GSP vs Hardy 24% (5)
UFC 112: Invincible 14% (3)
4/12/10 7:12:22PM
I definitely say UFC 108 was the best so far this year and one of the best of all time at least fight quality wise. Every fight I remember was sick with a great finish, Gilbert Yvel vs Dos Santos was a slugfest, Miller had a nice submission on Ludwig, Stout vs Lauzon was entertaining, Daley brutally KO'd Dustin, and the Main event was a pretty good scrap too. Not a lot of circling or grinding out on the ground /against the cage, Rashad had some cool explosive takedowns and they exchanged pretty good on the feet not to mention that 3rd round was great!!! haha I was on my feet until the very end hoping for Thiago to get that late comeback KO but it didn't happen but I loved the effort especially even with the bad back. Just think it was an exciting overall card...UFC 110 next since it had some pretty solid fights too.

I only say is the UFC being hurt because the last 2 events featured the UFC's 3 best fighters IMO, BJ, Anderson, and GSP. They drew a **** load of buys, but none of the fights really made you jump off your feet even though Frankie winning was a pretty good suprise. But it just seems like the last 2 events haven't been that great. I mean they have a good fight or 2 but it just seems like the big fights haven't really delivered except Carwin-Mir. I know Alves getting pulled off probably is what hurt the PPV the most since it killed 2 solid match ups and put together a bad match up exciting wise since they neutralized each other's offense. I don't want to seem like im complaining since I love a good technical battle like Shogun-Machida, and even Edgar-Penn was a solid boxing match, but I just get the feeling I didn't get my money's worth the last 2 events, and 109 wasn't too crazy either.

The next 3 events they have booked so far I think will top the cake on all the ones so far, maybe even 108. Shogun-Machida should get it straight this time, Kos-Daley will be crazy. Belcher-Cote's a slugfest and a half waiting to happen. UFC 114- Rampage/Rashad, Lil Nog-Forrest ENOUGH SAID but throw in Diego & Duffee just for good measure, not to mention 115 Liddell-Franklin to guys that really need a big win here to show any life in their careers right now so you know they'll bring it, ftich-Alves 2 FINALLY(hopefully) Griffin-Dunham, Cro Cop-Berry, Yvel-Rothwell. Just sick match ups. So it;'s still great things ahead not to mention the sick ass WEC card coming.

So what does you guys think was the best PPV so far?
4/12/10 7:40:27PM
On paper ufc 108 was the worst live event I was going to
Worst then griffin vs rampage
But I gotta say it was the best this year so far and worst is
Ufc 112. Crazy year, I have little hopes for ufc 113
I will be at ufc 114.
With that said 1st quarter is over
Best fight I would say. Miller vs bocek
Stout vs lauzon
Wandy vs bisping
Bonner vs krystolf

Best sub
Hands down miller over lauzon
Davis over gustalffson
Thiago over swick
Guida over gugherty
Lytle. Over foster
Best ko
Daley vs hazlette
Dos santos vs yvel
Carwin vs mir
Velasquez vs big nog
Serra vs trigg
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