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6/18/08 9:46:08PM

Posted by Rush

I know I probably piss as many people off with my posts as there are ones that like them. It seems you either really like me or really hate me.

As for the question of the thread, I made a similar (and honest) thread ages ago and ended up looking like a bit of a ass, so overall, no comment from me.

You know on most of your post i read that are non MMA or Non sports related.AFter i read them i feel like my brain hurts Not in a bad way..But in a positive way cause i feel smarter.I think we come from different ends of the spectrum though..You seem pretty straight laced and got priorities and me well im just a badass that likes to party

Oh yeah not that i dont like or read your on topic mma or sports post...But alot of your posts on life,religion and all that crap...feels like your dropping some knowledge on my Umerican dumbass.
6/21/08 11:59:57AM
Rush is the top cat

He was the true 1st propometer filler upper person so he MUST b the best. digg his head bobbing cat DJ too- next topic- whos got the sweetest avatar-
and what kind of person puts theyre own picture on..... and is it really them? Also are there any real professional fighters that post anonymously and did i spell that word without help?
6/23/08 1:51:22PM
I submit myself for consideration of best avatar.

And smartest, best looking human being on earth...

but right now we'll focus on the avatar thing.
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