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7/4/08 9:49:07PM
dont get me wrong i think it worth the money, and i buy close to every one, and watch the rest, but none of my mma fans are around to watch it, and the $50 i could spend on watchin it alone could go towards a bet on the very capable underdogs

so......where and when can i watch it online, and/or how quick, and where will the torrents be up.....

i started a similar thread about 85 (which i ended up buying anyway) and people turned me on to a wrestling/mma torrent site. any others?
7/4/08 10:22:45PM
To download anything about MMA you need to be on MMATRACKER.

You need to be invite by someone who is already a member of this torrent site.

I am a members but 3 weeks ago i invited 4 guys and my invite and down to zero for the moment.

To watch the event live for free on the net you can download TVU and watch the channel mmatv.

You can also try to be a real member of mmatv by creating an account on but sometime it doesn't work.

If you were able to create an account on you can donate and become a premium member like me, premium members have reserved personal stream witch guarantee that you will be able to have a stream when a lot of peoples are watching it and the slots are full.

Premium members have a lot of feature of any kind like video vault, on demand , etc... etc...

that's it !!

Good luck !!

7/5/08 10:21:21AM
I know the torrents usually take 5 hours or the next moringing when i wake and theres so many places to find it, but a private mma site is usually safer and faster

good luck finding the site that fits you
7/5/08 10:40:31AM is a great place.
7/5/08 1:29:04PM
check out sopcast. you can watch it in real time on mmatv channel
7/5/08 1:48:51PM
1st thanx to all the replies.......

if i go to early do i want to start there a reserve or something?

7/5/08 2:52:26PM
yeah i dont like how the ppv's prices went up.
7/5/08 2:55:22PM
DO NOT DISCUSS THESE KIND OF SITES ON PUBLIC FORUMS! That is why they get taken down and we have to find new ones.
7/6/08 5:52:15AM

Posted by JimiMak

DO NOT DISCUSS THESE KIND OF SITES ON PUBLIC FORUMS! That is why they get taken down and we have to find new ones.

not sure if thats true, (i would think a mod would tell me that...) but i will respect your opinion and not make anymore.

(i ended up buying the ppv by the way)
7/6/08 5:56:00AM
What he's trying to say is that some people (ahem, me) aren't made of money, and rely on certain "secret" websites to see events. If theses "secret" websites were to be made public, then a cease and desist order would be put out, and that website would have to stop showing the stuff. As long as the "people at the top" don't find out about these websites, then they are safe for us poorer fans.
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