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2/5/07 12:55:05AM

Posted by Svartorm

Posted by Manfred

I've been living outside the US for 14 years and been to 31 countries.

Worst placed I've lived: Saudi Arabia
Best is a toss up: Sardenia, Italy or Holland

Did you ever eat that weird cheese stuff they have in Sardinia that has live maggots in it?

Hell no! And remember in Italy, "steak" isn't always beef. (HS spanish class kicked in when I saw cavallo on the menu!)
2/5/07 1:06:36AM
I don't see myself ever going to Italy, but I'll keep it in mind. I might hit up Bosnia next time I'm overseas, but I'll probably just stick with Scandinavia.
2/5/07 2:47:49AM
Denmark is my favorite to visit. (Esp. back when I was single!) COL is too high there to live though.

Next time you go, check out Aarhus. It's the 2nd biggest city and just as much fun as Kopenhagen!
2/5/07 2:02:44PM

Posted by loller90278

Posted by ninesevensix

NY is rainy/snowy/windy and cold. Not nice weather right now. I vote for Brazil bc of the weather and the beautiful women.

and the AIDS percentage?

Calm down you sherdogger. Be Nice
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2/6/07 5:25:06PM
I know it's not PA. It's 2 degrees outside right now. In the summer time it smells like cow crap all the time. In the winter time it either snows 2 ft or .02 ft. and is windy as anything, yesterday we had wind gusts of 40-50 mph with a windchill of -10 degrees!
2/6/07 8:03:59PM
i was gonna say here in hudson wis but it's been 20 below the last 3 mornings and i walk to work (although it's only 3 blocks
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