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1/15/12 8:34:05PM
I have 5 Kids. 4 of them do Jiu-jitsu, 2 do boxing (so far) and the youngest will probably start Jiujitsu in the near future. I am always finding that we need this or that and it's hard enough to find good deals for adults.

Anyone know where you can consistently find good deals especially from a place that has a good selection in kid's stuff?
1/15/12 8:37:37PM
Not sure how great the kid's selection is, but MMAWarehouse always has great deals on popular MMA clothing/equipment from all the popular brands. Worth a look.

1/15/12 9:22:31PM
I've bought a few items from titlemma. They have decent prices with various items on sale all the time.
1/15/12 10:29:40PM
thanks! checking them out now. I'm semi-familiar with both but haven't purchased from them recently. i have occasionally found good deals on ebay, amazon, budovideos but i'm needing stuff so much more often now. "shopping" online can be tedious but when you are on a very strict budget you need to get the best deal you can find. I'd love to find a spot where I can be confident is always competitive w/out having to check 7 other sites first.

that used to be amazon for me but that doesn't seem to be the same when it comes to kids stuff.
2/6/12 5:42:39PM - Doesn't have a massive selection, but they have a very good selection of a lot of quality lines. Pretty much always have everything on the site in stock, and if you spend over $100 (which I always do) they ship for free. - only used once, but they have a lot of stuff, and prices were very very fair. Picked up 2 quality gi's for less than $300 which I consider to be a pretty good deal.

Title MMA is great. My gym uses them for almost everything.
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